A QUIET PLACE Spinoff Movie Casts Lupita Nyong’o

Photo from John Krasinski’s Instagram

A QUIET PLACE Spinoff Movie Casts Lupita Nyong’o

By Movieguide® Staff

After the significant theatrical success of A QUIET PLACE and A QUIET PLACE PART II, directed by acting duo John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Paramount announced new details about the upcoming spinoff movie.

A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE will star Marvel Cinematic Universe actress Lupita Nyong’o, who appeared in the BLACK PANTHER movies.

Early reports about the film list that while the movie will take place in the same universe as the first two movies, it will not feature Krasinski or Blunt and is classified as a spinoff.

A QUIET PLACE and its sequel championed family and patriotism, which helped them become box office hits.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of A QUIET PLACE reads:

A QUIET PLACE keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. John Krasinski provides great direction, from his brilliant use of style to the cast’s winning performances. The simple story seamlessly transitions between thrills and emotional moments. Everything’s grounded in the positive relationships among the Abbott family. Themes of love and protection provide a refreshing, healthy depiction of family bonds. The suspense isn’t for the faint of heart. Even so, A QUIET PLACE is a strong allegory for parenting and “training a child in the way they should go.”

A QUIET PLACE PART II managed box office success despite being released post-COVID-19.

Movieguide® previously reported:

The box office could be on the mend after posting a successful Memorial Day weekend.

The four-day weekend marked a bright spot for North American theaters, which earned almost $100 million in ticket sales, the highest number since the pandemic began.

Although the total revenue is far less than the $232 million made in 2019 over the same weekend, theater owners are encouraged by the numbers.

“Any studio executive’s belief that a movie belongs on streaming, that model is shattered with the numbers [from this weekend],” Joseph Masher, chief operating officer of Bow Tie Cinemas, told CNBC. “The profitability of [movies] is exclusive to the theater. We’ve proved it this weekend.”

The weekend saw John Krasinki’s A QUIET PLACE PART II take the top spot at the box office with $57 million. Krasinki insisted on a theatrical release for Paramount’s pro-family thriller. Although only 72% of theaters in the U.S. were open during the weekend, A QUIET PLACE PART II still posted impressive numbers.

While Movieguide® has yet to review A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE, if they continue to bring moral, pro-family stories to the big screen, it is likely that it will succeed at the box office.