A Return to Normalcy on Horizon as Tribeca Film Festival Announces In-Person Events

Photo by Luca Bravo via Unsplash

A Return to Normalcy on Horizon as Tribeca Film Festival Announces In-Person Events

By Movieguide® Staff

The Tribeca Festival announced a return of their in-person event as vaccines rollout in pandemic “hotspots” like Los Angeles and New York City. 

“The Tribeca Film Festival was born out of our mission to bring people together in the aftermath of 9/11. We’re still doing it. And as New York emerges from the shadow of Covid-19, it seems just right to bring people together again in-person for our 20th anniversary festival,” Tribeca Festival co-founder Robert De Niro said in a statement.

“Tribeca is a community of the most resilient and talented storytellers on the planet,” Jane Rosenthal, co-founder and CEO of Tribeca Enterprises and the Tribeca Festival added. “In 20 years, our community of creators and partners have become a family. This summer we are excited to reunite as Tribeca becomes a centerpiece of live entertainment in neighborhoods across New York City.”

Festival director and VP of programming, Cara Cusumano, shared her excitement at the festival’s return.

“As we take our first steps towards the next edition of our festival, we have centered our thoughts and plans on the filmmakers and film-goers who have been so affected by the challenges of the last few months. Whether it’s in the cinema, online, or outdoors, we look forward to welcoming everyone back to an innovative 20th anniversary festival in the spirit of our last 20 years celebrating community and storytelling in all their forms,” Cusumano said.

Last year, the pandemic forced Tribeca and many other events to transition to a digital and virtual format. However, in 2021 the festival is set to take place outdoors June 9-20.

Variety reported

Two months after they are usually held, and the festival will unfold across more than just the small strip of lower Manhattan that lends Tribeca its name. The festival organizers say that screenings and talks will be held across New York’s five boroughs, including at Brookfield Place New York, the Pier 57 Rooftop, The Battery, Hudson Yards, Empire Outlets in Staten Island and The MetroTech Commons in Brooklyn.

In addition to these venues, Tribeca will host community screenings in all New York City boroughs including the Bronx and Queens using several 40-foot state-of-the-art LED cinemas. The festival will also commemorate the Juneteenth holiday, which will fall on its closing night.

Tribeca’s return to an in-person event could mark the start of additional live, in-person events becoming more commonplace.