A ‘Spiritual’ Sequel to Angelina Jolie’s UNBROKEN Will Show Real Life Hero’s Conversion to Christianity

A Sequel to Angelina Jolie’s UNBROKEN Will Show Real Life Hero’s Conversion to Christianity

UNBROKEN told the story of the US Olympic runner Louis Zamperini who set a record at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, but whose life was drastically changed after joining the Air Force during World War II. The movie recounts Zamperini’s air bomber being shot down and being stranded on a life raft in the ocean for 47 days, only to be captured by enemy Japanese forces and held in captivity in awful conditions for years. The story is one of harrowing courage and perseverance. The Angelina Jolie Directed movie grossed over $160 million worldwide and won 2014’s Best Movie for Mature Audiences at the Annual Movieguide® Awards. The making of the movie also spurred a strong friendship between Zamperini and Angelina Jolie before his death in 2014. Read more about Jolie’s journey making the movie here.

What Jolie’s movie didn’t cover was that Zamperini after returning from the war struggled with PTSD and alcoholism, which was endangering his marriage. At a low point in Zamperini’s life, he found hope in Jesus Christ after attending a Billy Graham crusade, which completely transformed his life. This part of the story will be shown in a spiritual sequel produced by Pure Flix Entertainment. UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION releases October 5 and is directed by GOD’S NOT DEAD filmmaker Harold Cronk. With a more faith focused story, the movie will feature the 1946 crusade that Zamperini attended. Billy Graham in the movie will be played by his own grandson Will Graham.

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Watch the trailer for UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION.


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