Actress Melissa Joan Hart on Her Faith, Spiritual Warfare: ‘Jesus Is The Light’

Actress Melissa Joan Hart on Her Faith, Spiritual Warfare: ‘Jesus Is The Light’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, a lifelong Christian, is opening up about her faith journey and how she combats spiritual warfare. 

Hart was raised Catholic and, after marrying her Baptist husband Mark Wilkerson, the couple decided to become Presbyterians. Now, she lives in Nashville, where her children attend a Christian school. 

“I’m a Christian, I believe that Jesus is my savior,” she declared in an interview. “I believe in God and I believe in Jesus as His son.”

Hart admitted that she sometimes struggles with doubt in her faith, but “then I close my eyes and tap into the Holy Spirit and let Him speak to me. And you feel that warmth and you feel that change.”

The actress also shared that she sometimes senses spiritual darkness in her life. 

“When I’m in my house and I’m afraid if I’m by myself or my husband’s asleep before me, and I get afraid and I’m walking the halls and you just get that creepy feeling like goosebumps up your back like something’s not right, I just say out loud, you know, ‘This is a Jesus home, Satan’s not welcome here, get out, this is a home for Jesus,'” Hart said. “Immediately… you feel that darkness go away.”

She continued, “One of the great things that I’ve learned is that darkness is just the absence of light and without Jesus you just have this darkness and then Jesus is the light… so not having Jesus in your life just leaves this void.”


Movieguide® previously reported on Hart’s faith:

Melissa Joan Hart is a seasoned actress starring in TV programs like the late 1990’s TV series SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, MELISSA AND JOEY, and the 2016 movie GOD’S NOT DEAD 2. However, many may not know that Hart grew up in a Catholic home as the oldest of eight children and made her faith in Christ her own as she grew as an adult. Earlier this year, Hart sat down with Paula Faris (GOOD MORNING AMERICA WEEKEND) on her podcast “Journeys of Faith” to talk about just this.

“I’ve never had one ‘aha moment’…. It’s just been a growth… through getting to know the scripture better… and my marriage… and joining community bible study,” Hart explained. Through many spiritual peaks and valleys, Hart stated, “I always had faith in Jesus as my Savior, that God was out there looking out for us, [I was] always faithful in prayer… whatever I’m [sort of] thinking about, I’m always thinking about it going to God.”

Hart frequently mentioned in the podcast how her weekly bible study has helped her understand the Lord on a deeper level. “I can memorize lines as a job, but I cannot retain them when it’s like ‘memorize this Bible verse for bible study on Wednesday.’”

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