Alexa PenaVega Welcomes Idea Of Another Child: ‘The World Needs More Kids’

Photo from Alexa PenaVega’s Instagram

Alexa PenaVega Welcomes Idea Of Another Child: ‘The World Needs More Kids’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega already have three kids, but the couple are both ready to welcome another baby into their family. 

When an Instagram user asked Alexa if she and her husband “struggle with the idea of having more” little ones, the actress quickly replied, “Nope.”

“The world needs more kids who can be a light to others,” Alexa continued. She did admit that she sometimes “lose[s] her patience” with her kids and that she “absolutely get[s] tested” by them. 

“Especially this last week,” Alexa elaborated. “We are living on the boat during a refit. It’s stressful for everyone. Littles included. I’d like to say no I don’t lose it. Or I’m always collected but the truth is I get frustrated. I have moments that I have to apologize for. I’ve always had a more calm approach to things in general so me ‘losing it’ might not ‘look’ so bad but it’s what my hearts feels that I’m not a fan of in the stressful moments.”

Alexa and Carlos were married in 2014 and are parents to Ocean, 5, Kingston, 2, and Rio, 10 months. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the PenaVega’s family life:

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega just announced their third child is on the way!

For the Christian couple, this new blessing from the Lord is yet another reminder as to why they put faith and family over over their careers. 

Alexa, 32, and Carlos, 31, said that they left the fast-paced, career-driven lifestyle of L.A. to establish a home on Maui. 

“When we were living in California, there was never actually a break. The industry happens 24/7,” Alexa told PEOPLE earlier this fall. “And we thought, we need a place to go and reconnect and that needs to be our home.”

Despite their success, they felt like their values never aligned with the industry. 

“We’ve never fit the Hollywood mold,” Alexa said. “We’ve never done things in the conventional way.”

For one thing, faith plays a significant role in not only how they live their lives as individuals, but also in their relationship and marriage. 

“We started our entire relationship grounded in our faith,” Carlos told PEOPLE.

In 2013, the couple headed-up a Bible study group. The couple got engaged in September 2013 and were married four months later. They decided to combine their last names.  

“We were literally at the county office in Ventura signing all the paperwork, and the woman was like, ‘Whose last name?’” Carlos recalled. “I said, ‘Let’s see if this works. Carlos and Alexa PenaVega. Just one word.’”

The Bible study continued after the couple wed until they welcomed their first son, Ocean, in 2016. With Ocean’s arrival, the couple knew something had to change. “We still have fantastic friends who live there, but most of them don’t have kids and aren’t married,” Alexa said. 

Carlos added: “I couldn’t relate to people who didn’t necessarily agree with the way I wanted to live my life.”

As the couple started to look elsewhere for a new home, faith became the determining factor for their movie.  

“We visited Maui and we started finding all of these young Christian couples,” Carlos said. “We prayed on it and then we moved here three months later.”

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