Alveda King Calls to “Pray for America”

Alveda King Calls to
Pray for America

By Jonny Zachary

Dr. Alveda C. King recently announced the release of a new song entitled, “Pray for America,” in association with Alyak Productions and Heaven Sings Entertainment. “The song is a poignant response to current domestic and world events, calling listeners to a greater respect for human life,” and has been in the making for a while. King and Alyak Productions founder, Eugene Vigil, agreed that the song is needed now, more than ever, and finally released it.

So many great songs have inspired people over the years and this, hopefully, will be another one. Reminiscent of songs like “Amazing Grace,” “We Shall Overcome,” and most recently, “Glory,” “Pray for America” urges listeners to…“Combat violence and justice through prayer.”

Vigil’s hope for the song is, “That it will bring people of every ethnicity together to pray for our nation’s leaders, our president, our Supreme Court, our senators and congressmen and women, and all people living in our country . . . that through prayer we may have a stronger, united America, and through a stronger America, we may achieve a deeper respect for all lives because all lives matter.”

“Pray for America” is available now on iTunes, Spotify and other major digital music outlets.

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