Americanas Comic-Conus: Day One at Comic-Con 2012

Sylvester Stallone poses with Arnold Swarzenegger at Comic-Con 2012 for the upcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES 2.

After the EXPENDABLES panel, Comic-Con gave Swarzenegger a special award for is contributions to pop culture and the convention.

Tim Burton said FRANKENWEENIE was a fulfilling trip back to the early days of his career at Disney because the animated movie is based on a live action short he did for them in 1984.

In doing that first movie, he said, “I had to learn to talk to people – and actors – for the first time.”

Several people in costumes inspired by Tim Burton and his movies asked him some questions, including a man dressed up as the Mad Hatter from ALICE IN WONDERLAND and a woman dressed up as Sally from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CRISTMAS.

When asked about his unique brand of filmmaking, Burton said he likes mixing all kinds of elements in his movies – “the horror, the comedy, the heart.”

He enjoys working with the little sets and puppets from stop-motion movies like FRANKENWEENIE and NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, saying, “Puppets are so tactile.”

“This one is definitely special to me,” he said of FRANKENWEENIE.

One of the FRANKENWEENIE clips included a funny clip where a schoolteachers gets carried away talking about the power of lightning and how people who get hit by lightning are standing in the way of the lightning’s desire to hit the ground. Burton said he never really liked going to public school, adding that it was “like a nightmare” for him.

“What did they do to you there?” the moderator asked.

“There’s lawsuits still pending,” Burton joked.

Actress Mila Kunis said, “It was magical going to work” on Sam Raimi’s OZ:  THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, because the fantastic sets were actually built in real life instead of being completely created by artists or on computers.

“The green in Emerald City was unlike anything I’d ever seen,” she added.

Raimi said they didn’t have the rights to some of the iconic images from the original 1939 movie THE WIZARD OF OZ, but that part of the story is based on the details about the Wizard of Oz’s life revealed by Frank L. Baum in his books.

The fantastic descriptions in Baum’s books were a great help, Raimi confided.

“We had to build a completely original world [from those descriptions], something the audience really hasn’t seen before.”

Actor John C. Reilly, who plays the title character in WRECK-IT RALPH, a story about a villain in a video game who’s tired of being bad but wants to be good, said he likes doing animation voiceovers.

“It’s actually a really enjoyable process,” he said. “And, it’s pretty cool.”

Finally, action star Jackie Chan described how he and his stunt team create all those great choreographed fight scenes. Basically, they spend an hour or more looking around each set and figuring out how each detail can be incorporated into the fight so that Jackie can bring his special brand of comedy into the action.

Like a great jazz artist, Jackie then launched into a series of machine-gun fire sounds to describe how everything comes together when you watch him do his thing on the Big Screen.

Then, just like a great jazz concert, the audience applauded enthusiastically.

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