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Apple Threatens To Ban Parler From iOS Devices As Big Tech Overreach Continues

Photo by Xavier Wendling on Unsplash

Apple Threatens To Ban Parler From iOS Devices As Big Tech Overreach Continues

By Movieguide® Staff

Apple is reportedly preparing to bar the Parler Social Media App from all of its devices within the next 24 hours.

Parler, the self-proclaimed free-speech-branded platform and host to many conservative users, told The Federalist Friday that they could be the next target of big tech’s push to oust online voices that compete with the leftist media narrative. This reality seems all the more probable after Mark Zuckerberg pronounced President Trump banned from Instagram and Facebook following Capitol Hill’s riots.

According to Parler co-owner Dan Bongino, Apple made threats to remove the platform from its App Store and abolish it from all iOS devices, claiming that Parler’s content violated the Cupertino company’s safety standards and encouraged the Capitol Hill unrest.

Bongino denied the accusation and claimed that Parler never deliberately served as an online catalyst incite violence, any more than other media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“We have clear terms of service like anyone else,” Bongino said. “Anything that violates our terms of service, we takedown. But we’re not a publisher, we’re a platform.”

Bongino claims that it only makes sense that Apple’s attack on the social media company is “politically charged.”

Although Facebook and Twitter claim they are objective media platforms like Parler, both justify their blatant censorship by acting as publishers, not platforms. This became clear leading up to the election when the big tech companies censored content that implicated then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in his son’s corrupt overseas business ventures.

The attack on Parler is an attack on free speech, Bongino said.

“Anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal line, they are now at open war with,” Bongino said.

He added: “This is about having a public square where people can speak free of the surveillance state.”