Are Female Pastors Driving People Away from Church?

The Barna Group reported Sept. 14 that, at the same time that the number of female senior pastors in mainline Protestant churches has been increasing, the median number of adults during an average weekend going to Protestant church services has dropped.

A large percent of female pastors, 58%, are affiliated with a mainline Protestant denomination, such as American Baptist, Episcopalian, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the United Church of Christ, United Methodist, and the Presbyterian Church USA, according to Barna.

Of course, some of these mainline denominations are also starting to promote same-sex marriage and have even hired active homosexual bishops and pastors who refuse to turn away from their sin.

Bible-believing Christians must band together and remove these ungodly people from positions of leadership.

– Source: Barna Group, 09/14/09.