BBC Knocks Christians But Treats Islam with Kid Gloves

The BBC, Great Britain’s government run TV network, apparently has an ongoing policy to knock Christians and their faith while treating Islam and its followers with kid gloves.

BBC executives admitted in 2006 they would consider televising a scene where the Bible is thrown away but would never do the same thing with Islam’s Koran. They also recently broadcast a show where a Christian fanatic beheaded a “moderate” Muslim, when the exact opposite is what has actually been happening in the real world!

“A Martian watching TV drama of late would probably conclude that the country is crawling with homicidal Islamophobes,” a TV reviewer wrote.

Says Dr. John Sentamu, Christian Archbishop of York, “They can do to us what they dare not do to the Muslims. We are fair game because they can get away with it.”

More than 200,000 Christians are murdered each year for their faith, according to some experts. Maybe when Jesus said bless those who persecute you, he didn’t mean for us to be wimpy, passive doormats who apathetically wait for the hangman’s noose, or the Islamic Jihadist’s beheading knife!

– Source: Jihad Watch, 06/03/09.

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