Benjamin Watson Calls Out ‘Pro-Choice’ Pastor: ‘Sir, You Know Better’

Photo from Benjamin Watson’s Instagram

Benjamin Watson Calls Out ‘Pro-Choice’ Pastor: ‘Sir, You Know Better’

By Movieguide® Staff

Former NFL tight end and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson questioned Georgia’s Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock’s claim of being a “pro-choice pastor.”

“As a pro-choice pastor, I’ve always believed that a patient’s room is way too small for a woman, her doctor, and the United States government,” Warnock, who serves as senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, tweeted.

Watson did not shy away from the truth, condemning Warnock’s statement as cowardice. 

Watson responded: 

Is a patient’s room too small for a child as well?

76% of women in those rooms say they would prefer to parent if circumstances were different 

A Pastor knows the value of human life. 

A Senator knows how to support mother AND child. 

Sir, you know better. Stop being scared.

Watson tweeted a follow-up and encouraged his followers to rely on God’s word and not human opinion. 

“Be careful when someone emphasizes their position in the church before stating what THEY have always believed NOT what God’s Word says,” Watson wrote. “They’ve sacrificed moral credibility to accrue power and used their religious position as cover for an agenda. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Watson is an outspoken Christian who regularly activates for the rights and freedoms of the unborn and their mothers.   

Watson played the role of host in the recent documentary, DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads

DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA follows former NFL player Benjamin Watson as he travels around the country to seek the truth about what America believes about the sanctity of life. It explores how the pro-choice and pro-life camps can have meaningful conversations to save the future generations of children. The documentary expertly navigates all the popular talking points of the abortion issue. It addresses the practice’s history, the evolving legislation on the federal and state levels of government, and the economic crisis that makes abortion disproportionally affect impoverished communities. However, it doesn’t neglect the heart of the mother, the father and others affected by the tragedy of abortion.

Available for rent or purchase on SalemNOW, DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is extremely well-made. It handles the topic of abortion with tact, precision and empathy. It includes powerful interviews and testimonials from legislators, doctors, former abortionists, abortion survivors, and social activists. DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is full of compassion and love, with a strong Christian, moral, pro-life worldview. Due to the violent nature of the topic of abortion, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger viewers. 

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