Bestselling Author Beverly Lewis: ‘If God Gives Me A Storyline, Then I Dive Into It’

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Bestselling Author Beverly Lewis: ‘If God Gives Me A Storyline, Then I Dive Into It’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Bestselling author Beverly Lewis recently revealed how her faith has guided her impressive writing career. 

Lewis has written more than 100 books, including the popular “The Cul-de-Sac Kids” series and Amish romance series “The Heritage of Lancaster County.”

“If God gives me a storyline … then I dive into it,” Lewis said of how she plots out her books. “I take it one book at a time. It will be 30 years next April that I’ve been doing this. So I trust the Lord.”

Lewis, who was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Amish country and her grandmother was a former Mennonite.

“[The Amish] cling to the history,” the writer explained. “They cling to the way things were. And what has worked for them continues to work well. They’re about family. It’s huge. Their family love is huge. Their faith is huge.”

She continued, “They sew all their own clothes. They grow their own food. They’re survivalists. A lot of people, during hurricanes or tornadoes or whatever, [people] look at the Amish and they say, ‘Oh, they can survive without electricity. … We can learn from them.’”

“There’s just so many aspects, I think, that draw my readers to my books because they’re constantly learning some of the secret practices that go on,” Lewis said, sharing that readers often write to tell her, “I’m learning to be a better family member, or a better son, or a better friend.”

Lewis’ next novel, “The Heirloom,” is set to come out this year.

“It’s set in Hickory Hollow. And one of the main characters is Ella Mae Zook – the wise woman of Hickory Hollow. A lot of my readers love her so much. They think she’s real,” Lewis explained. “My readers are excited about ‘The Heirloom’ because they have been wanting to know about her. … Well, she’s in her late 70s in this book, so it’s kind of fun for them to look back and see that her life wasn’t perfect. … [But] she grew in the Lord through it all.”

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