‘Bible’ Follow Up ‘A.D.’ Begins Shooting


‘Bible’ Follow Up ‘A.D.’ Begins Shooting

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the executive producers behind “The Bible” miniseries in 2013, have emailed Dr. Ted Baehr at Movieguide® that they have begun filming “A.D.,” their follow-up to the popular miniseries which set a Cable TV records in 2013.

They told Ted at Movieguide® that they have a “great story, great cast and great locations.” “We truly believe it’s going to be EPIC!”



They added:

“Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Please pray that God will bless this production, protect and inspire us and our team for the next six months as we lovingly work to bring the story of the early Church to the screen.”

“A.D.” will premiere Easter Sunday on NBC-TV.

The No. One new cable show of 2013, “The Bible” miniseries attracted 11 to 13 million viewers on A&E. It also sold more than one million DVDs in its first three months of release. As such, it’s the top-selling miniseries of all time!