Bill Engvall Warns Against Cancel Culture In Comedy: ‘It’s Just Their View’

Bill Engvall Warns Against Cancel Culture In Comedy: ‘It’s Just Their View’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Comedian Bill Engvall is sharing his thoughts on the dangers of cancel culture, especially in the world of comedy. 

“Comedy is the best thing in the world and to be able to go to a place and laugh,” Engvall told Fox News. “Don’t go with the attitude that you’re gonna try to find something that’s offensive. If that’s what you’re wanting to do, then I don’t know where to tell you to go, but just please don’t do it at a comedy show.”

He warned comedy fans not to “put it under the microscope too much,” adding that comedians typically mine their real lives for material. 

“It’s just their view on real life,” Engvall, who has hosted the Movieguide® Awards show, explained. “Understand that that’s their view. They’re not saying you have to think this way, or you’re wrong.”

After decades in the comedy world, Engvall recently announced his plans to retire. 

“It’s been a great run — 42 years. That’s 41 years longer than I thought it would last,” Engvall told The Salt Lake Tribune. “People are, like, ‘Oh, why are you retiring?’ And my honest answer is — because I caught the brass ring. I’ve done everything I wanted to do in this business.”

A description of his final stand-up special, BILL ENGVALL: HERE IS YOUR SIGN IT’S FINALLY TIME IT’S MY LAST SHOW, reads:

Grammy nominated and platinum selling recording artist Bill Engvall is taking a bow. The renown comedian is entertaining audiences for a final time in his last standup special – “Here’s Your Sign, It’s Finally Time.” Best known for his success as a member of the enormously popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour, in addition to his myriad of accomplishments in film, television, and as a best-selling author, his final curtain call celebrates over 4 decades of performing for sold out audiences nationwide, and includes the fan favorite tagline “Here’s Your Sign.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Engvall’s retirement announcement:

Comedian Bill Engvall announced his farewell tour, HERE’S YOUR SIGN. IT’S FINALLY TIME, and will wave goodbye to stand-up comedy.

The former Movieguide® Awards Gala host and Grammy-nominated recording artist announced that he plans to retire from his 40-year comedy career.

“I have been blessed with the greatest career anyone could ask for,” Engvall said. “Making people laugh is a dream job and has fulfilled my life in so many ways. I’m excited to focus on future opportunities in entertainment and spend more time with my family. I’m not going anywhere – just hanging up my hat when it comes to sleeping in the airport and in-room dining.”

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