Bob Dylan Recalls Moment He Met Jesus: ‘I Felt It’

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Bob Dylan Recalls Moment He Met Jesus: ‘I Felt It’

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Legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s new memoir, “Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine,” explores the moment he came to Christ. 

“It was 1978 when Bob Dylan, in the middle of a yearlong tour, turned to God,” Fox News reported. 

“The singer-songwriter was exhausted, physically ill and worn down from his 1977 divorce. Toward the end of a show in San Diego, someone from the crowd tossed a small silver cross onto the stage,” the outlet added. “Dylan, who normally wasn’t fazed by fans throwing things at his concerts, spotted the religious object and placed it in his pocket.” 

Fox News continued, “It traveled with him to Arizona for his next performance. Two days later, in a hotel room in Tucson, the Jewish artist experienced ‘a literal visitation from Jesus Christ.’”

“Jesus put his hand on me. It was a physical thing. I felt it. I felt it all over me. I felt my whole body tremble. The glory of the Lord knocked me down and picked me up,” he told the Independent. 

In that moment, Dylan, who was raised Jewish, found faith in Jesus Christ. After that encounter, his music quickly reflected the change he experienced. “He proclaimed his faith in three albums: 1979’s ‘Slow Train Coming,’ 1980’s ‘Saved’ and 1981’s ‘Shot of Love,’” per Fox News.

Parker Fishel, author of the memoir, believes Dylan’s interest in faith began before he received the crucifix. 

“’Slow Train Coming’ is exactly that, the moment of him getting the crucifix, which sets in motion this…embrace of Christianity…He’s recording exclusively gospel music, but these were themes he was exploring long before that cross was thrown on the stage in San Diego. If you look at his drafts written in stationery from hotel rooms, in between or after gigs, it predates that,” Fishel said.

Because of his new faith and songs reflecting that change, Dylan received backlash from artists and fans alike. Despite the pushback, the singer held onto his beliefs.

In a 1984 interview with Rolling Stone, Dylan said, “There’s no way you’re gonna convince me this is all there is to it. I never, ever believed that. I believe in the Book of Revelation. The leaders of this world are eventually going to play God if they’re not already playing God, and eventually, a man will come that everybody will think is God. He’ll do things, and they’ll say, ‘Well, only God can do those things. It must be him.’”

At a concert, he proclaimed, “I’m telling you now Jesus is coming back, and He is! And there is no other way of salvation…Jesus is coming back to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem for a thousand years.”

“Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine” is now available.

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