‘Bring Gentleness’: Kayleigh McEnany, Allie Beth Stuckey on Faith in Politics

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‘Bring Gentleness’: Kayleigh McEnany, Allie Beth Stuckey on Faith in Politics

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kayleigh McEnany and Allie Beth Stuckey recently spoke about how they hold fast to their Christian views as they work in the public sphere.  

“My heart just drew me to politics,” McEnany said during an episode of Kirk Cameron’s TAKEAWAYS. “For whatever reason, God put politics on my heart from a very young age.”

McEnany is a political commentator who previously served as former president Donald Trump’s press secretary. As someone who works in the world of both politics and media, she shared that there are definitely biases that come through on both sides. 

“I don’t like how hostile it really feels right now between the left and the right because, ultimately, whether on the left or the right, there’s something that’s so much more important, and that’s Christ,” she explained. “We as Christians, one of the keys is, when we share our points, to do so with gentleness and to do so with love and compassion…if we as Christians can bring gentleness with our message…if we can communicate the truth with a gentle heart, it’ll go a long way.

McEnany has previously spoken about how she leans on her faith as she navigates the world of politics. 

“Politics oftentimes does descend into ‘mano a mano,’ if you will, attacks, and I think we’ve got to continue to look at each other through the lens of Christ,” she said in an interview with Fox. “For me, I find my home in the Republican party because I’m someone who’s pro-life and believes in religious freedom.”

Cameron also spoke to Stuckey, who made a name for herself through her blog, The Conservative Millennial. Today, she is a political commentator and host of the podcast “Relatable With Allie Beth Stuckey.” 

“I enjoy being on the front lines and talking about these controversial issues,” she said when Cameron asked her how she feels about tackling tough topics. “The things today that are considered controversial — my main argument is that, for Christians, they’re not. Most of the things that we talk about are really pre-political….we’re talking about foundational, theological issues.”

As for those who might misunderstand her message, Stuckey explained, “The biggest thing that helps is knowing who I am in Christ, and knowing that He fully knows my heart and my intentions.”

Stuckey has previously spoken about the importance of family in today’s culture. 

“There is no better antidote to the turbulent times that we live in than stable families,” she said during a 2023 speech for The Heritage Foundation’s Leadership Summit. “There is no better antidote to an age of confusion and cowardice than children who grow up to be agents of clarity and courage.”

Movieguide® previously reported on McEnany:

Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House Press Secretary, recently sat down with Kirk Cameron and discussed how Christians could come together to share the truth of God’s word gently and with compassion…

McEnany said that before her first day at the podium, her predecessor Sarah Huckabee Sanders encouraged her to pray and trust God.

“Sarah texted me a list of advice on the day of my first press briefing and the final piece of advice was to pray and to trust in God,” McEnany told Cameron on TAKEAWAYS. “She told me that she read her Jesus Calling before every press briefing. I carried on the tradition, I read my Jesus Calling, and on that day of my first press briefing, May 1, 2020, Sarah texted me.

“It basically said that God has designed this for a purpose, and you’re here for a reason and not to worry, but on the day of my first press briefing, I can tell you, Kirk, I worried quite a bit,” she added. “At 2 p.m I’m supposed to be at the podium but instead I was in my office crying and my assistant came to me, ‘You can’t be crying right now; you’ve got to be at the podium,’ and she put my parents on speaker phone and we prayed out loud together and then I went to the West Wing bathroom and got on my knees and prayed for confidence and courage.

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