Can Reality TV Really Glorify God?

Photo courtesy of abc.go.com

Can Reality TV Really Glorify God?

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing Writer 

Reality TV is a notorious guilty pleasure, the fighting, drink throwing and drama all add to the allure of these kinds of shows. THE BACHELORETTE is amongst these Reality TV shows, and the most recent season has featured contestants who claim to know and love Jesus Christ.

Hannah Brown, the bachelorette, engaged in sexual relationships during the filming of the show and then claimed that “Jesus still loves her” or the men claiming they have complete control over women before marriage.

Unlike THE BACHELORETTE, though, there have been other reality shows with contestants who have fully glorified God in their actions, words and deeds:

Carrie Underwood, Mandisa, Danny Gokey, and Colton Dixon were all contestants on the reality TV singing competition AMERICAN IDOL. These men and women regularly speak out about their faith and glorify God with their art.

Reality TV shows have the same potential to uplift the name of God just like other forms of media can too. However as viewers it’s always our responsibility to be media-wiseⓇ with our choice of media.

DUCK DYNASTY’S Phil Robertson is a pastor is Louisiana. On the show, he often shared his counter-cultural opinions with his family and friends. Robertson spoke out against abuse, perversion, predatory propaganda, STDs, and atheists.

Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show FIXER UPPER regularly speak about their faith on and off of their show.

SURVIVOR featured contestants praying in circles, and contestants had to bring their Bible as their one luxury item on one trip.

Pastor John Gray’s show BOOK OF JOHN GRAY examines his own familial struggles along with how he deals with them. Prayer is at the center and God is uplifted a midst every trial he encounters.

Though some reality stars may profess beliefs, we must still exercise discernment when watching television.

If KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS or DANCE MOMS grieve your conscience, then don’t watch either! If you can knowingly not grieve the Holy Spirit by watching reality TV, then you may occasionally find TV shows that glorify God like FIXER UPPER or DUCK DYNASTY.

Just remember to put God at the center of your media choices and everything else will fall into place.