Actor Sacked for Religious Reasons by Disney’s ABC Creates His Own Show

Actor Neal McDonough, who was sacked by Disney’s ABC for refusing to do a sex scene for its new SCOUNDRELS series, has come up with his own idea for a new show.

McDonough, a Roman Catholic, has co-created and will executive produce and star in a one-hour drama for Starz about an ex-cop turned Catholic priest who cleans up the streets of Los Angeles “one sinner at a time.”

Titled VIGILANTE PRIEST, the show will be co-created by LAW & ORDER veteran Walton Green, with John Avnet scheduled to direct the pilot.

McDonough is starring in the new CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, which will be released in 2011 by Paramount Pictures/Viacom.

– Source: Nikki Finke, Deadline Hollywood, 08/12/10.