Caught by Surprise: Behind the Scenes of WRECK-IT RALPH

Caught by Surprise:

Behind the Scenes of WRECK-IT RALPH

By Ben Kayser, Staff Writer

WRECK-IT RALPH is the latest heartwarming animated comedy from Walt Disney Pictures.

The movie takes viewers into the world of arcade games and shows you what the characters do when no one is playing their game. Ralph is the “Bad Guy” in the game “Fix-It Felix Jr.” His job is to break things so that Felix can come and fix them.

Lonely and tired of being unappreciated, Ralph decides it’s time for a change. He decides to leave his game and enter other games in search for a prized medal he thinks will make him loved. Along the way, Ralph meets a little girl named Venellope, whose problems are even worse than his. In the process, Ralph learns selflessness and what it means to be a true friend.

Movieguide® recently got to interview the movie’s cast and crew.

Executive Producer John Lasseter, who heads up Disney animation division, says, “The emotion is what will most appeal to audiences. The hallmark of a Disney film is the heart and it’s the foundation of WRECK-IT RALPH. It is one of the funniest films I’ve ever been associated with – so clever and beautiful, but it’s the heart that just catches you by surprise.”

Director Rich Moore agreed with Lasseter. He added:

“The heart of the movie lies in the relationship with Ralph and Venellope. We start with a guy, Ralph, who’s not satisfied with his lot in life. He’s a pretty selfish person at this point. He’s wanting the world to work for him. He’s feeling unappreciated, and he’s starting to see himself as his job, a “Bad Guy.” He’s lost his passion for what he does to the point where he thinks that finding an object is going to fix all that. He’s got an internal problem, and he thinks an external thing is going to fix it.

In trying to get that thing, the object, he actually meets someone who has a life worse than his. She’s a lot like him, but worse off. So, for the first time, he starts to think about someone other than himself. He starts to take on her wants and desires.

“Over the course of time, he falls in love with this other character and he begins to mature into this big brother and ultimately into this father figure who would lay down his life for this kid.”

WRECK-IT RALPH shows that there are more important things to life than success and material possessions.

In the interview, Actor John C. Reilly, who voices the title character, talked about his first feature film that was shot in Thailand in 1989. It was there that he met his wife.

“No regrets,” he said. “I’ve been married 20 years last week. Take that, Hollywood!”

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