CeCe Winans Tells Younger Self to ‘Just Trust God’

Photo from CeCe Winans’ Instagram

CeCe Winans Tells Younger Self to ‘Just Trust God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Gospel star CeCe Winans is sharing the advice she would give her younger self. 

“I would just say, ‘Chill out,’” she said during an appearance on TBN’s PRAISE. “You know, you worry about things because for some reason, you don’t think God is going to handle it. And I can look back and say, ‘Man, everything I had to face, he was right there, and he really did step up to the plate, and he took care of it.’”

She added that, while things “didn’t turn out the way [I] thought,” it was “really better” than any plans she might have had. 

“I would tell my younger self, ‘Just trust God,’” Winans concluded. 

The singer is currently preparing to appear on AMERICAN IDOL’s upcoming finale, where she will perform “Goodness of God,” a track from her 2021 album “Believe For It.” 

Winans is also celebrating the success of her latest project, the live album “More Than This.” The album hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel and Top Christian charts, making it her tenth Top Gospel No. 1 album. 

“I’m humbled beyond words and so grateful to hear the way that listeners are being impacted by these songs,” she said in a statement about the milestone. “This album isn’t just about the goodness of our God, it’s about God’s greatness. It’s amazing to see this project encouraging lives around the world. All praise to God for what he has done!”

Speaking with Billboard about her latest single, “That’s My King,” Winans said, “I think sometimes we forget because we do associate church and God with being in a solemn assembly. He is to be reverenced, but He said in his presence, there’s fullness of joy. That’s not something to keep quiet, but that’s something to proclaim and to share so that other people can have hope too. And I think this song embodies all of it. ‘That’s My King’ reminds us that we have hope.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Winans’ favorite song to sing:

Lastly, Winans was asked about what her favorite song to sing is.

“I would say probably the signature song is ‘Alabaster Box‘ for me, and it’s one of my favorites because it’s all about worship,” Winans explained. “You know, the woman recognizing who Jesus is, and I know the difference that true worship really makes in a person’s life, and I’ve seen the effect and the impact of that song over years.”

“My husband who has heard me sing it over and over again, it’s like he’s weeping every time he hears it, and it’s just an anointing on that song that really brings people to the place of just being in Jesus,” she added.

She told K-LOVE that she held onto that song for several years before releasing it, waiting on God’s timing.

“I focus on whether or not I can deliver it in a way that allows God to flow through it and touch people,” she explained. “I always ask, ‘Lord, how do You want me to present this? Is this the right song? Is this the right song for right now?’”

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