Celebrities Against Planned Parenthood


Celebrities Against Planned Parenthood

 Lyndee Fletcher, Contributing Writer


Planned Parenthood is under investigation for illegally selling the bodies of aborted babies for profit. A pro-life activist group went undercover as a biogenics company and exposed horrific videos on Youtube. Top executives from Planned Parenthood talked about specifics people wanted like livers and lungs and even admitted to performing illegal partial birth abortions to be able to “harvest” the desired parts. One of the executives openly talks about this in horrific detail while casually sipping wine at lunch and mentions that each “specimen,” that being an unborn or partially birthed baby, goes for around one hundred dollars.

Planned Parenthood has received major backlash for these videos and many are supporting efforts to remove governmental funding. Some celebrities have also taken a stand against Planned Parenthood and are taking their thoughts to social media. Here are five celebrities who are taking a stand against Planned Parenthood.

1. Patricia Heaton

  2. Kevin Sorbo


3. Chuck Woolery


4. Stacey Dash


5. Benjamin Watson

As horrific as it is, the issue isn’t really the sale of human parts. It’s the legal practice that allows this to even…

Posted by Benjamin Watson on Thursday, 23 July 2015

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