Child Actors Put in Excruciatingly Obscene Situations in the Trailer for Seth Rogen’s Comedy

Child Actors Put in Excruciatingly Obscene Situations in the Trailer for Seth Rogen’s Comedy

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

The trailer for a new movie produced by Seth Rogen called GOOD BOYS, released this past week, may be a new low for the actor who’s known for shock value content. The trailer, which itself is rated ‘R’ begins with Seth Rogen (THIS IS THE END, KNOCKED UP) telling the three leading child actors, all under the age of 13 years old, that they can’t watch their own movie trailer. “It’s just too messed up for kids your age,” Rogen says. “There’s drugs, there’s violence, there’s swearing, and although we’ve decided it’s okay for you to do these things in the movie, you can’t watch yourself do those them in the trailer.” Playing off the irony, one of the child actors exclaims, “that’s f*****-up.” Rogen agrees saying, “that is f*****-up… welcome to Hollywood.”

If you think that’s bad, it only gets worse.

The trailer begins with the boys playing with sex toys that they’ve found in one of the parents’ closets. It’s supposed to be comedic because they mispronounce items on the packaging and talk about dressing up in some of the gear for Halloween, but it’s not funny, just disturbing.

We learn that these three friends are 6th graders who are obviously trying to act older than their age. For instance, at school, one the boys gets picked on for using a “sippy cup” which he angrily explains is a juice box scattered with a few f-bombs.

In the following scenes, they learn they’ve mistakenly taken marijuana to a playground, try to cross a busy highway with moving cars, attempt to steal a beer bottle in front of a police officer, and other inappropriate things with foul language that children shouldn’t consider laughable, let alone be doing.

The final moments of the trailer show the boys physically fighting with male college students with beer strewn about a frat house and looking up porn on the internet for the first time. Audiences don’t see what’s happening on their computer screen, but the boys make comments about a female’s multiple sexual partners among other comments.

Rogen is no stranger to objectionable or controversial projects, such as THE INTERVIEW which parodied American relations with North Korea and other movies with an obscene amount of sexual content like NEIGHBORS, SUPERBAD and the R-rated animated movie SAUSAGE PARTY.

Among one of the child actors who plays in the movie is Jacob Tremblay from movies like ROOM and the inspirational family drama WONDER. It’s deeply disheartening to see parents allow their talented young actors star in disgusting vulgar movies.

It goes without saying that movies like GOOD BOYS are pandering to a specific warped audience, but even more frightening is that the abhorrent content in the movie exposes children to despicable behavior which is no doubt replicated in real life. The content featured in GOOD BOYS is why Movieguide® is so passionate about spreading media wisdom and teaching families how to combat the evils in media and cultivating discerning children who will grow into wise adults. It’s also why Movieguide® is working in Hollywood to redeem the industry, and encourage studios to produce more faith-based, family friendly content. GOOD BOYS is anything but good!

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