Christian Artist Natalie Grant Makes a Video Calling Out This Atrocity

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Grant via Instagram

Christian Artist Natalie Grant Makes a Video Calling Out This Atrocity

By Allyson Vannatta, Contributing Writer

Singer Natalie Grant took to Instagram this week to share a body-shaming experience she and her daughter witnessed while at a doctor’s appointment.

Body shaming is an increasing problem in our society, as rail-thin movie stars are glorified while women larger than a single-digit size are kept away from the screens.

The effects are devastating, as Grant saw first-hand.

In her social media video, Grant tells viewers she took her daughter to the daughter’s annual checkup. There she stepped on the scale to get her height and weight. As they were gathering their things to wait on the doctor, another mother and daughter came in the area, and the daughter stepped on the scale.

Grant describes the reaction the girl’s mom had when she saw the number on the scale, “Woah, you’re getting up there. Oh my word.”

She also describes the look on the girls face as “covered in shame,” and how it looked like she “wanted to disappear.”

Before leaving the room Grant said she told the other teenage girl how beautiful she was.

The singer then initiated a call to action for mothers saying they have to do better.

She said, “My three daughters will have a heard enough time with their self-image, their body image, with what the world is throwing at them. I should be the last person that would ever body shame my beautiful daughters. Moms, don’t do it. You gotta do better for your kids.”

Grant captioned the video with a statistic from a study she found on FitRated.com.

The study revealed girls get body shamed the most by their mothers, at almost 63 percent. Their friends closely followed at nearly 62 percent.

At the end of the caption Grant wrote, “One comment can take a lifetime to untangle.”

The Instagram post received thousands of likes and comments in support of Grant’s message. Some followers even shared their own stories about being body shamed by others. Other followers mentioned they have fallen victim to shaming themselves.