Christian Rapper KB Explains How Therapy Plays into His Newest Album 

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Christian Rapper KB Explains How Therapy Plays into His Newest Album 

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian rapper KB explained how he gets personal with his newest album “His Glory Alone 2” and why he felt that level of vulnerability was necessary.

“I think men have been socialized to not be in touch with their emotions. I think a part of the socialization in our country is, you know, from misogyny to toxic masculinity, all of those buzzwords are all intersected into a man’s experience in this land,” KB told Relevant Magazine.

“That is an issue of mental health. It’s a crisis that we have to be serious about approaching,” he continued. “Men especially, we have to be serious about our mental health. I appreciate men who we see traditionaly as strong, athletes or fighters or leaders, who are publicly saying, ‘Hey, the most courageous thing that I’ve done all year is that I look my wife in the face and said, ‘I need help.’ That’s courage. That’s manliness. That is strength.”

When it comes to KB, he is not only using his platform to share this message but is weaving it into his music. His new album “His Glory Alone 2” dives into the struggles that he has faced in the past.

“I think one of the big pieces I talk about is wrestling with being a father who has been fatherless,” he explained. “I’m wrestling with that dynamic. You know, you’re always the same age on the inside. There are things that I went through – let’s call them daddy wounds – that I would have thought that I was above, especially being a father.”

“I started feeling like, ‘I don’t need a father, I am a father.’ But there’s still a child inside of you that went through something that is still animating many of the ways you feel, or some of the actions you might find yourself carrying out, those things need to be brought to the feet of Jesus,” he continued. “But they don’t get there unless we talk about them. So I think that’s one of the main ways where I get vulnerable about the limitations and the challenges of my story.”

“I never talked about my life like this on a record,” KB said of the album. “When you listen to it, I hope you hear and understand the passion of a broken, but committed man. Maybe you can see yourself in this man. That’s who I am. I’m a son whose wounds are being healed as a father. I’m a husband who is serious about leading in my household.”

The artist has also caught himself relying on his own strength rather than God. This is another issue that he speaks to in his album, preaching the importance of giving control to the Lord.

“I think that a continual kind of challenge for me is not becoming over reliant on my abilities – my ability to be spiritual, my ability to be insightful, my ability to be smart or to read and articulate what they’re saying. Even my ability to manage relationships and manage people,” he said.

“It’s very easy to get very confident in those things and then find that you are not in control,” KB continued. “The older you get, the more you learn of how not in control you are. Especially when your body is breaking down without warning.”

“Control is a myth. For me, I am taking that truth that I am not in control, I can’t control things. I am dependent in a lot of ways,” he added. “One of those dependencies that I am unashamed of is community, on the council of godly friends and a good therapist. I have consumer my life in those realities – community friendships, spiritual advisory from shepherds and leaders, and good therapy.”

KB is in the middle of his “Glory Nights Tour.”

“Ball Game. Our God is strong. Grace to all the artist, special guest and crew! Let’s do this Internationally and again next year,” he posted of the tour on Instagram.

Movieguide® previously reported on KB:

Sadie Robertson Huff caught up with Christian rapper KB on her “WHOA That’s Good” podcast to dive into his new book and hear his perspective on trusting God.

“I [wrote “Dangerous Jesus”] to put this portrait of the Jesus of the Bible in front of people, in hopes that if you could see him for his power, his wonder, his beauty, his glory,” the rapper said. “That there would be no more convincing; you would become obsessed with what you see because he’s too beautiful for there to be any other reaction.”

“I wrote this book, particularly thinking about…millennials, folks who are on the edge of sort of losing their faith or those who have already walked away or those who’ve not considered Jesus,” KB told Huff. 

It’s “chapter after chapter of all these different ways in which we might know Jesus for who he is and not the Jesus that often is imagined and mainstream in the world,” he added.

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