Christian Singer Tasha Layton Releases Book: Help People Know ‘I’m Not Alone’

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Christian Singer Tasha Layton Releases Book: Help People Know ‘I’m Not Alone’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian singer-songwriter Tasha Layton just released her first book, “Look What You’ve Done.”

The book — also the title of her popular single — details Layton’s life touring and juggling family. 

“Well, interestingly enough, a lot of the content in this book I wrote years ago, before I even had kids, I had started to write down stories,” Layton shared. “I felt like I had lived in 10 lives. So, I started to write down stories where there was maybe an interesting thing about my life, but something that God had shown me during that season. And I just started to write them down so I wouldn’t forget. 

She continued, “And then over time, that grew into 40 some thousand words. And I was like, okay, maybe there’s something to this. That’s when last year we sort of pieced all that together in a way that was accessible for the reader. I love it because it’s short chapters that you can pick up and put back down, and a little bit of my life meets psychology, meets scripture. It’s sort of like a memoir meets devotional.”

Layton said that she was “vulnerable” in the book,” saying “things I thought would help people.” The singer shared moments when faith helped her out of touch situations and changed the way she thought about herself. 

I think when you are fully honest about your story, that’s the thing that really helps people. That is what helps people know I’m not crazy, and I’m not alone,” she added. 

“I think when I experienced God’s truth replacing the lies in my life, I felt his love in a way that I had never felt before,” she explained.

“I knew that He loved me. I knew that He adored me. He adored my singing voice. He loved when I worshiped Him, when I led worship, all the things that were in my heart to do. I felt a freedom to do like never before because I knew how God felt about me. And that honestly changed how I started treating other people too because when you know how much God loves you, then you start to recognize how much He loves other people,” she concluded. 

Layton has frequently spoken about the impact God has had on her life. Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian musician Tasha Layton reflected on her career after she received a nomination for Song of the Year at the 2022 Dove Awards.

“It feels great,” Layton said of her nomination for “Look What You’ve Done.”

“I love to see growth and progression, and I think [the song’s success is] just a natural progression of how things are going and the music connecting to people,” the singer continued. “So, I’m so excited. It’s awesome. It’s an honor and it’s a little overwhelming, you know because I’ve prayed to get to do this since I was a little girl…” 

“This song is my testimony in a song,” she explained.  “And so, when I walked into the writing session that day, I said, ‘I want to write a song about what God has done in my life.’ Sometimes when we write the most personal songs, they end up being the most universal. And so, I think that was the case for this song. It was very, very personal to me, and it ended up being something that a lot of people really caught on to. I’m amazed at what God is doing with it. Absolutely. Absolutely.”

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