Christian Singer Tasha Layton: ‘I’m So Firm In Who I Believe God Made Me To Be’

Photo from Tasha Layton’s Instagram

Christian Singer Tasha Layton: ‘I’m So Firm In Who I Believe God Made Me To Be’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian musician Tasha Layton reflected on her career after she received a nomination for Song of the Year at the 2022 Dove Awards.

“It feels great,” Layton said of her nomination for “Look What You’ve Done.”

“I love to see growth and progression, and I think [the song’s success is] just a natural progression of how things are going and the music connecting to people,” the singer continued. “So, I’m so excited. It’s awesome. It’s an honor and it’s a little overwhelming, you know because I’ve prayed to get to do this since I was a little girl.” 

Layton called her recent success “really, really sweet,” and said the timing of it all is “beautiful.” 

“All this coalescing at this point in my life is so special,” she shared. 

Layton also spoke about the creation of “Look What You’ve Done.”

“This song is my testimony in a song,” she explained.  “And so, when I walked into the writing session that day, I said, ‘I want to write a song about what God has done in my life.’ Sometimes when we write the most personal songs, they end up being the most universal. And so, I think that was the case for this song. It was very, very personal to me, and it ended up being something that a lot of people really caught on to. I’m amazed at what God is doing with it. Absolutely. Absolutely.”

Layton took a long road to get to where she is today, including appearing on AMERICAN IDOL and working as a backup singer for Katy Perry. Once she started writing her own music, Layton found her voice. 

“When I stepped into doing Christian music and writing my own music, I had no distractions, production, touring, the whole thing had no distractions,” she shared. “I could only focus on the ministry and not worry about anything else being a hindrance or being a burden or a learning curve. Yeah, it was beautiful. And that’s what I say about God’s timing. His timing is so perfect, and we’re so blessed that you could say, ‘Check that off my box.’”

This year, Layton released her debut album, How Far. The title track went No. 4 on the US Christian charts and No. 1 on the US Christian Airplay chart. 

“You know, I’m a late, late bloomer if you will,” Layton explained. “I didn’t even start music until I was in my 30s and, you know, didn’t start having kids. So, I was 35 and I wasn’t tired. But I do think that you know, it was all God’s timing because I have something to say now.” 

She continued, “I’ve lived some life; I’ve had some hardships. My priorities are my family, my husband, and my kids. And I think that has brought a wonderful foundation to what I do in a way that I’m really grateful for because my identity is not wrapped up in what I do or my voice or music or anything like that. I’m so firm in who I believe God made me to be.”

“That’s the goal for everything I do: to help other people figure that out,” the singer shared. “Like, why don’t you dig up the lies in your own life and figure out who God made you to be, whose you are and how special you are, and that you don’t have to compete with anybody. You can just be you. Comparison crushes creativity. And I think for a lot of creatives and especially females who have a low sense of self-worth, it’s very, very difficult to step out on faith sometimes.”

“My goal is to just bring that freedom and courage to everyone who will listen to know who you are in Christ and to step out knowing that his timing is perfect,” Layton concluded.


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