Cirque Du Soleil-Like Telling of the Passion, THE THORN, Announces Cinematic Release 

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Cirque Du Soleil-Like Telling of the Passion, THE THORN, Announces Cinematic Release 

By Movieguide® Contributor 

THE THORN announced a cinematic release of their acclaimed Cirque du Soleil-like telling of God’s battle for humanity.

“For over two decades, it’s been our honor to share the Gospel through the immersive and creative medium of THE THORN,” said Producer John Bolin, “We’re thrilled to partner with Fathom Events to bring this life-changing experience to the big screen.” 

For over 25 years, THE THORN has faithfully brought the story of God’s love for the world and the battle for humanity to over 1 million people. Through martial arts, aerial acrobatics, dramatic music, and grand special effects, THE THORN has thrilled audiences with its unique portrayal of the salvation of humanity. Over 150,000 people have come to understand the lifesaving knowledge of Jesus Christ thanks to the efforts of the nationwide show. 

Following the live version, the cinematic release of THE THORN will begin with the story of creation and follow the events of the bible up through the early church. The focus of the story, however, remains on Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made to redeem humanity. 

Longtime lovers of THE THORN need not worry as the cinematic release will include a special cinematic story along with other added features unique to the movie. 

No doubt The Thorn hopes to follow in the footsteps of THE CHOSEN which has found cinematic success through big screen releases in the recent months. Movieguide® previously reported on THE CHOSEN’S box office success: 

The first two episodes of the third season of THE CHOSEN were released in theaters this Thanksgiving, outperforming big Hollywood movies at the box office.  

For the second straight week, THE CHOSEN’s episodes made it into the Top 10 list of high-earning movies at the box office.  

On week two, THE CHOSEN made No. 9 on the box office ranking list, with $1.6 million in gross ticket sales. Their week one ranking was No. 3, with $8.7 million in ticket sales.  

For comparison, SHE SAID, a movie about the journalists who broke the story about Harvey Weinstein’s pattern of sexual abuse, came in at No. 10 on its second week, making $1.1 million.  

Many are pointing out that THE CHOSEN’s box office success is sending a message to Hollywood about the kind of content that sells tickets. 

Should THE THORN find similar success to the fully crowd-funded series THE CHOSEN, it will show Hollywood that there is a widespread audience for Christian media. 

THE THORN will be in select theaters Mar 6 & 7.

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