Clean Comedian Leanne Morgan Reveals How God Encouraged Her Career

Photo from Leanne Morgan’s Instagram

Clean Comedian Leanne Morgan Reveals How God Encouraged Her Career

By Movieguide® Contributor

Clean comedian Leanne Morgan joined the RICK AND BUBBA SHOW to discuss why she almost gave her career up and how God encouraged her to keep going.

“I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and there were times I couldn’t get arrested, nobody cared,” Morgan joked. “I got to be on y’all’s show, and then there was a day where nobody cared, and I was doing anything I could to get on stage. I was raising my children, and I feel like God kept giving me little nuggets that made me keep going.

“Then I was just about to quit and go to work at Target, or I was going to pop popcorn at the NASCAR track because I thought that’d be fun,” she continued. “I thought I was going to have a grandbaby, and I wanted to help with my grandbaby, and I was just about to give up and then this thing took off.”

Ultimately, Morgan is so grateful to the Lord for those little nuggets He kept giving her, and her career took off.

“I’m 58 years old…and at first, I really thought I’m not worthy. What in the world? How do they feel this way about me, but now I mean I just receive it, and I’m just so thankful if I can help a little bit because you know life is hard,” she said. “It kicks you in the teeth, and there’s terrible things that happen, and I do think humor and laughter helps.”

Last year, she landed a Netflix special and shared her gratitude on social media.

She wrote, “I can’t believe it’s been a year since my special came out on @netflixisajoke!!! Netflix took a chance on a grandmama from Tennessee and it’s been nonstop ever since!! From a second tour, to filming a big movie and now a book! Thank you @netflix and thank you all for supporting me.”

Movieguide® recently reported on Morgan’s career:

Clean comedian Leanne Morgan is set to star in a new Netflix sitcom.

“Netflix says the untitled comedy revolves around Leanne, whose life ‘takes an unexpected turn when her husband of 33 years leaves her for another woman. Starting over when you’re a grandmother and in menopause isn’t exactly what she had in mind, but with the help of her family she will navigate this new chapter with grace, dignity and Jell-O salad,’” per The Hollywood Reporter.

Morgan is elated to begin this new journey.

“I’ve dreamed of this since childhood, and I can’t believe it has come true! When I started comedy 25 years ago, my goal was to be a part of a sitcom,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “It just goes to show you it’s never too late, and dreams do come true. I’m a grandmama from Tennessee, and now I have a TV show with Chuck Lorre and Netflix. What in the world!?”

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