Cochren & Co. Talks God’s Graciousness with Matthew West

Cochren & Co. Talks God’s Graciousness with Matthew West

By Movieguide® Contributor

Michael Cochren of the band Cochren & Co. joined Christian artist Matthew West on “The Matthew West” podcast to discuss the faithfulness of God.

“There have been seasons where I just feel like I am in my element,” Cochren began, referencing his music career. “But I think the overarching pulse on it has been the grinding. I feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do, but it’s not easy.”

Cochren talked about his song, “Thank God for Sunday Morning.” The lyrics read, “Neon lights and stained glass windows/Old bar stools and back row pews/I ran to one more than the other/But I couldn’t out-run you.”

“I remember I was like, ‘Guys, I want to write a song about the mess that I was in those early years of faith and serving my church.’ the musician recalled. “I would literally be out doing God knows what on a Saturday night, and then I would stumble in and sing a hymn at my church on Sunday. What a mess and how gracious God was to be patient with me in the mess, knowing what He was doing in my life.”

“That was my story,” he declared. “The literal sense but also the metaphorical of like, I was trying to find that peace in all of the stuff that doesn’t give you any peace.”

Cochren released a new album titled “Running Home,” which features the multi-week Billboard #1 song of the week.

“As we were working on our sophomore album, I’d written several songs about where I’ve been in life, but ‘Running Home’ is the story I needed to tell about where I’m going,” Cochren said of his newest album. “I wanted this song to feel like a big nostalgic roll-the-windows-down anthem, and when we recorded it, we didn’t hold anything back. I’m truly blown away by the love and support around this song, and I’m so grateful to receive my first No. 1 single with a message and sound that’s so genuine to who I am.”

Additionally, Cochren tours the nation to spread the name of Jesus.

Cochren shared a photo on Instagram of him on stage from his tour, “Where the Joy is.” The post read, “The joy out here is infectious. It’s spilling over from men and women who are deeply in love with Jesus both on and off stage and from an audience who deeply care about @wearemessengers @cochrenmusic and @bendfuller. This is the way we want all tours to be from here on. Already sad that we only have 33 shows left.”