Coming Soon – ANGRY BIRDS, The Movie

The late director Alfred Hitchcock (THE BIRDS and PSYCHO) may be rolling over in his grave:

Sony Pictures Entertainment recently announced it’s planning a feature-length animated movie in 3D of the popular video game “Angry Birds” for 2016.

Rovio, the Finish company behind the game, is pleased with their new partnership.

“Sony impressed us with their great attitude, determination, and professionalism,” Rovio Entertainment CEO Mikael Hed said. “They convinced us we have found the right partners and team to help us market and distribute our first motion picture.”

“Every studio in town would love to add ‘Angry Birds’ to their slate,” Chairman/CEO of Sony Pictures Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman of the Sony Pictures Animation division Amy Pascal wrote in a statement. “There are few titles out there that bring this kind of excitement, brand awareness, and built-in audience to the table.”

Sony’s animation division recently released the animated HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA and the live action/animated hit THE SMURFS.

“Angry Birds” is the top paid application of all time with more than 1.7 billion downloads. In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at green “bad piggies” in an attempt to rescue their eggs back. A weekly cartoon series was launched in March through the app, select Video-on-Demand (VOD) providers, and TV networks. The series received 150 million views in the first six weeks, according to Reuters.

David Maisel, executive producer of IRON MAN, John Cohen, producer of DESPICABLE ME, and Catherine Winder, producer of ICE AGE, have been attached to the new project. Jon Vitti of THE SIMPSONS will be writing the screenplay.

The ANGRY BIRDS movie is scheduled to be released in July 2016.

– Source:  Yahoo! Movies, 05/15/13, and Deadline, 05/20/13.


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