Composer Aaron Fullan on Homeschooling and Hollywood: ‘There Is a Great Need for Light’

Photo from Aaron Fullan’s Instagram

Composer Aaron Fullan on Homeschooling and Hollywood: ‘There Is a Great Need for Light’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Aaron Fullan, perhaps best known as the composer of the opening music of THE CHOSEN series, recently spoke on his path from homeschool to Hollywood. 

In a January 23, 2023 post to his website which was originally published in 2022, Fullan writes: 

One I’m overwhelmingly grateful for my many years as a homeschooler back in the late 90s and 2000s….[My parents] made what they considered to be the best decision for their three sons at the time, and I’m a blessed beneficiary of said choice. 

Homeschooling in the 1990s was certainly counter-cultural.

Fullan notes: “I’ll never forget those awkward visits to the grocery store during school hours when the grocery checker would ask the dreaded question, ‘Why aren’t you in school today?’”

He goes on to say that jumping forward a quarter of a century, the “proven track record of overwhelming success,” academically, socially, and philosophically, has changed perceptions of homeschooling and homeschoolers mightily. 

The actor, composer, and influencer went on to extol the manifold blessings of homeschooling:

One of the biggest blessings of homeschooling is being able to be the principal influence and mentor in the lives of your own children. Teaching, training, discipling, encouraging, raising them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Don’t get me wrong; its’s not an honor or responsibility to be taken lightly! But it’s so worth the investment. 

Finally, Fullan summed up by speaking of the need for truth, beauty, and goodness in the arts, homeschooling, and in places like Hollywood.

He writes: 

Where there is great darkness, there is always a great need for light. Hollywood is in desperate need of light. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” is anything but geographically limiting, and would most certainly include the soundstages and studios of Los Angeles. 

My wife and I decided to homeschool our own four children, and have recently begun that journey with the oldest two. Although it certainly has its ups and downs (sharing the same space with fellow sinners for extended periods of time isn’t for the faint of heart), but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

As the monumental growth in homeschooling across the nation during Covid-19 lockdowns grew, and the public school exodus continues, it is to be hoped that parents will heed the words of Aaron Fullan and not miss out on their primary God-given calling. 

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