Criticizing Islam Is Now a ‘Hate Crime’

A Dutch lawmaker will be tried for a “hate crime” in the Netherlands for making a short documentary warning that Islam threatens Western Civilization.


Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders previously was banned in Britain – a sentence later overturned in court – for making the movie FITNA (meaning “strife”), which features verses from the Koran, the phony religious text invented by Arabs and Persians, alongside images of terror attacks in 2001, 2004, and 2005 in the United States, Madrid, and London.

Leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Wilders has been living under 24-hour protection by police for nearly six years, because Al-Qaeda has called for his murder.

Wilder calls the “hate crimes” prosecution an “attack on freedom of speech.”

– Sources: WorldNetDaily, 01/16/10.


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