CW Adds THE CHOSEN To Fall Lineup: ‘Expand Its Audience’

CW Adds THE CHOSEN To Fall Lineup: ‘Expand Its Audience’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The CW is looking to majorly shake up its content offerings, focusing on older audiences and more family-friendly content, like THE CHOSEN. 

“We’re broadcast; we’re not a niche cable channel. We have to reach the largest audience possible, and we need those audiences to fall in love with us and want to spend a lot of time with us,” the network’s entertainment president, Brad Schwartz, said

The CW is known for superhero shows like THE FLASH and ARROW and teen dramas like RIVERDALE and NANCY DREW. However, now that those shows have ended, the network is focusing on scripted series like THE CHOSEN and JOAN. 

Speaking about the network’s acquisition of THE CHOSEN, Schwartz said, “THE CHOSEN is based on the biggest IP of all time and is truly a one-of-a-kind series that tells this historically significant story in a captivating, dramatic and premium way. This show has already connected deeply with viewers around the world, and The CW will expand its audience even further.”

The network has also aired family-friendly content like THE WALTONS: HOMECOMING and A WALTONS THANKSGIVING. 

A portion of the Movieguide® review for A WALTONS THANKSGIVING reads:

A WALTONS THANKSGIVING is another wonderful program. A very kind, gentle and homey manner permeates the entire movie. There’s always sufficient jeopardy that propels the story and keeps it exciting. This time, Olivia Walton has the strongest role. Best of all, faith and family underlie every scene, with prayer and family love taking the lead. A WALTONS THANKSGIVING is a delightful Thanksgiving treat.

“The CW had a very distinct brand. It’s definitely not going to be that brand going forward. But what is it going to be?” a former CW employee explained. “Usually, that is defined by what you put on the air. So right now…they’re going for older and broader.” 

In an interview with Variety, Schwartz explained that it’s all about “great programming” now, adding, “What we have to do is think about creating great content that connects with people and that, hopefully, you’re going to watch that content wherever it’s more convenient for you.”

While The CW is planning on broadening its audience, Schwartz said they aren’t looking to get rid of their old viewers. 

“We don’t want to alienate an audience that we spent 20 years cultivating — keeping our connection to our old audience just can’t be the only thing we do,” he said. “It can be one of the five things that we do.”

As The CW looks to expand its viewership, the network should focus on popular, family-friendly content like THE CHOSEN and THE WALTONS movies. Both have performed well with audiences and critics and could provide the network with the new viewers it’s looking for. 

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