Dallas Jenkins Reveals Release Plan for Season 2 of THE CHOSEN, Hints at Season 3

Screenshot from THE CHOSEN YouTube

Dallas Jenkins Reveals Release Plan for Season 2 of THE CHOSEN, Hints at Season 3

By Movieguide® Staff

The highly anticipated second season of THE CHOSEN series premiered on Easter Sunday.

As of April 5, the Livestream on THE CHOSEN’s YouTube Channel reached over 800,000 views and premiered through THE CHOSEN App for free.

Dallas Jenkins, the series creator and director, discussed plans for the release of the remaining seven episodes slated for Season 2 and also discussed funding for Season 3.

“The ultimate goal is to get you back to scripture, to check it out, and even if you’re not a believer just to see more insight and to read a little bit more about the historical and spiritual context of these stories,” Jenkins said during the Livestream.

Due to THE CHOSEN being fully crowd-funded, production does not operate within a set timeline. According to Jenkins, this will result in episodes 2-8 being released as soon as they are finished instead of a set schedule.

“Our release strategy, episode two, we are working on it right now, and here is our strategy for the whole season: We will get you each episode as soon as it’s done,” Jenkins explained. “So there’s good news and bad news about that. The good news is we just finished filming a few weeks ago and we are already getting episodes out to you, so we are working our butts off to get these out and we’re not going to wait for some perfect date or every Friday or whatever.”

He continued: “As soon as the episode is done, we will release it and we will give you updates on how we’re doing with it.”

Jenkins also gave a rough outline for the next couple of episodes.

“Right now, I can tell you that episode 2, I’ve been told by my post-production supervisor, should be done before the end of this week,” Jenkins announced. “That doesn’t mean we’ll be able to show it to you right away, but sometime within a week we will be able to bring you episode two.

“Episode three will actually be finished shortly thereafter, so you probably won’t have to wait a week for episode three,” Jenkins added. “We will probably show those episodes, if not back-to-back, quite close to each other so you won’t have to wait a full week.”

Jenkins noted that some episodes will take longer to release than others.

“Now episode four it’s gonna be a little bit,” Jenkins said. “Might be a month, maybe a little bit less, maybe a little bit more, but we are working on episodes four, five, six, seven and eight. There are eight episodes in season two and we are working on them right now, fast and furiously.”

Jenkins added: “That’s the beauty of doing this outside the system… All of our financing comes from you, which means that we get to set all the rules so we don’t have to follow some release plan or weekly release plan, we’ll get it to you as soon as it’s done. That’s our promise to you.”

Moreover, Jenkins hinted at the location for filming Season 3.

“My family and I are moving to Texas this summer because that’s where the show is setting up shop. We’re going to be building not only my long-term home but the show’s long-term home in Texas. A lot is going to be happening this year, and we want to get Season 3 to you within a year and that means we have to start shooting this fall. Hopefully you will continue to spread the word about the show.”

Watch Jenkins’ full announcement at the end of the live stream below: