Danica McKellar Shares Health Tips: ‘Keep It Clean And Simple’

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Danica McKellar Shares Health Tips: ‘Keep It…Clean And Simple’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Danica McKellar is sharing her tips on how to stay looking young and healthy. 

“I don’t have any secret tips for how to stay young. It’s a lot of things,” the WONDER YEARS actress explained. “I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink coffee. I stay away from unhealthy food. I don’t eat sugar or gluten, not that gluten’s necessarily unhealthy, I stay away from dairy. I just keep it as clean and simple as possible. I do eat meat, but very clean cuts of meat, no bacon.”

McKellar admitted that she does “splurge from time to time” but says it’s a “pretty rare” occurrence. 

“I find that I feel better when I stick to a really clean diet. And exercise. All the things that we all know we’re supposed to do, there’s no secret, it’s just consistency,” the actress went on. “And as I get older, it’s more and more about how I feel. And it just so happens that coincides with how you look.”

McKellar further opened up about the aging process in an Instagram post celebrating her 48th birthday. 

“If there’s any secret I’ve found to youth, it’s in the attitude…and a healthy, clean lifestyle, of course,” she wrote. “Our minds and bodies are inextricably connected. I’ve found when I eat well and get enough rest and exercise, I have so much more access to that inner joy that makes life fun!”

She continued, “The other secret to life? Taking all that gratitude and giving back to the world in as many ways as I can. My grandmother always said, ‘The way to be happy is to make other people happy.’ Spread it around…”

Something else that guides McKellar’s life? Her faith. She recently spoke about the nature of forgiveness in a social media livestream. 

“I find something very interesting about the Lord’s Prayer,” McKellar shared. “There’s praise, there’s asking for things, and there’s one thing that we are going to do in return, and that one thing is that we have to forgive people who’ve done bad things to us… And that’s like, one of the hardest things to do, right?”

She continued, “That’s our challenge: to forgive others the way we want to be forgiven. It benefits our souls because we can let go of bitterness, which will only harm us if we cling to it.”

Movieguide® recently reported on McKellar:

Great American Family actress and author Danica McKellar recently pointed out how believers should pay attention to recurring biblical themes in a recent “Bible Bits” video.

“When have we found ourselves forcing solutions instead of humbly asking God for guidance?” McKellar asked viewers.

“For the Bible to have the same exact dynamics happening in the stories again and again, it’s got to mean that we’re supposed to pay attention. And I have to believe it’s so that we can avoid making those same kinds of mistakes. One of these recurring themes is ego versus humility—thinking we can do stuff on our own versus asking for God’s help,” THE WONDER YEARS’ star said.

McKellar pointed out that the Bible repeatedly shows that when rulers asked God for guidance, he gave it. They would always succeed, even if it wasn’t in the way they originally thought. When they didn’t ask God for guidance, their plans would fail.

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