Danny Gokey Shares Why it’s Important to Follow the Bible: ‘Instruction Manual’

Photo from Danny Gokey’s Instagram

Danny Gokey Shares Why it’s Important to Follow the Bible: ‘Instruction Manual’

By Movieguide® Contributor

On Instagram last week, Christian artist Danny Gokey shared why it’s important to follow God’s word or, as he calls it, our “instruction manual.”

“The Bible is the instruction manual to our lives. God is our manufacturer. And to simplify it, I got this Lego set here,” he said, gesturing to a Lego car set.

“Lego is the manufacturer, and this is the instruction manual that Lego gave to put this together to create this design. But what if were to take this instruction manual and throw it away and then decide, by how I felt, how this should come together?” he asked viewers. “It would lead to experimentation, it would lead to confusion, and it would lead to frustration because I would never be able to put this together.”

He shared that many people today try to make their own guidelines or live without them.

“They’ve thrown the instruction manual away, they’ve disregarded the manufacturer and now they are living confused, frustrated, serving their feelings, which is making them more self-absorbed and more selfish than ever. But the instruction manual, the Bible, has all the answers that you need to live,” the AMERICAN IDOL alumni said.

“It has the answers to marriage. It has the answers to gender. It has the answers to sex, finances, family, raising kids, jobs. Everything you need is found in this instruction manual,” he said.

But feelings shouldn’t be what guide us.

“If you throw this away and go by how you feel, you’ll be more confused and frustrated than ever. Get back to the instruction manual. It might not be easy. Some of the steps in here are probably pretty difficult, but through God’s grace, by humbling yourself, and by following the word of God, you will be able to put this Lego piece together and create this beautiful design faster than you ever would by living out through your feelings and living out by guessing and experimenting,” the singer said.

“Get back to the word. Get back to the manufacturer. Watch the beautiful creation that life is supposed to be in Ephesians 2:10; it says that we are God’s masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus for good works which were determined for you a long time ago,” Gokey shared. “Your life is a beautiful design, but you’ll never get it if you don’t get to the instruction manual.”

Movieguide® recently reported about Gokey’s explanation of grace:

“The Bible explains a way to get more grace, and it also explains how you can lose grace on your life. Now, what is grace?” he said in a recent Instagram video. “Grace is God’s ability working through you to do what you can’t do in your own strength. Let’s see what the Bible says about getting grace and losing grace.”

Gokey cited James 4:6:

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

“Pride makes you have less grace. Humility draws grace from the Father God to you,” Gokey said. “How do we know if someone is prideful or someone has humility? Honesty is the key trait of someone who is humble.”

Gokey recently shared another clip on Instagram of him answering some fan questions. Someone asked what inspired him to write his song “I Got You.”

The singer shared that he met one of the 2023 Nashville school shooting survivor’s mom in a writing session. That interaction inspired him to write about how God holds onto his children, no matter what tragedies they go through.

“Whether in a writer’s room or in life, when you stay connected to Him, He will speak and carry you through!” he said.

Some of the lyrics to “I Got You” are:

Where would I be if it wasn’t for You?

Lost in the dark then You walked in the room

I came alive when You opened my eyes

l won’t go back to that life

The world might be shaking

But I stay in Your presence

Standing strong

In Your love

‘Cause I got you

In the joy

In the pain

In the waiting

In the flood

In the fire