DC Comics to Release Blasphemous Comic About God Disapproving of Jesus’s Sacrifice

DC Comics to Release Blasphemous Comic About God Disapproving of Jesus’s Sacrifice

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Update- Feb. 19, 2019: “Second Coming” has been canceled thanks to a petition via Citizen Go that received over 230,000 signatures and counting. Although the comic won’t release under DC, there is talk that it will be picked up by a smaller publisher.


This upcoming March, Comic book readers will see Jesus come in comic-book form but don’t hold your breath for biblical accuracy. DC Vertigo, the more adult-oriented division of DC comics, will publish “Second Coming,” illustrated by Richard Pace and written by Mark Russell. The comic is a fictional take on what Jesus would be like if He came to Earth in present day and why he left Earth thousands of years ago.

In August 2018, Russell sat down for an interview titled, “Jesus Should Have Been a Superhero.” He explained the story’s main concept.An all-powerful superhero, named Sun-Man, has to share a two-bedroom apartment with Jesus Christ. The conceit is that God was so upset with Jesus’s performance the first time he came to Earth since he was arrested so soon and crucified shortly after, that he has kept him locked-up since then.” Russell continued to detail the plot, “God then sees this superhero on Earth a few thousand years later and says, ‘that’s what I wanted for you!’ He sends Jesus down to learn from this superhero, and they end up learning from each other. They learn the limitations of each other’s approach to the world and its problems.”

In “Second Coming,” Russell creates a narrative where God didn’t want Jesus to be crucified. He relayed, “God was so upset with the fact that he got crucified the last time that he wouldn’t even let him look through the celestial keyhole at Earth to keep up. He still gets to talk to people when they come to Heaven, so he has a rough idea of what’s happening down there. He doesn’t know how sideways things have gone until he’s come down to Earth and sees it for himself.”

When asked about his personal opinion of Jesus, writer Mark Russell said, “I wrote two books about the Bible, God is Disappointed in You and Apocraphya Now. I learned how much we really misunderstood the teachings of the Bible and of Christ. The Christian religion doesn’t really base itself on what he taught, particularly in the modern Evangelical megachurches.” He went on, “they have him more as a mascot on t-shirts to prove they’re on the winning team. [Second Coming] is about Jesus coming down and being appalled by what he sees has been done in his name by Christianity in the last two thousand years.”

The sheer amount of biblical and theological falsehoods in the description of the comic book, and the comments from its creator is staggering. The most basic and theologically heretical of which is the distinction between God and Jesus, who was Himself God in the flesh, not to mention the fact that Jesus dying for the sins of the world WAS the will of God the Father.

Comic books based around Jesus aren’t anything new, but it’s disheartening to see any new comic book that may confuse young readers about Jesus and the Gospel, and possibly cause them to reject it altogether. Thankfully, there are many comic books with Christian themes and messages you can trust. No one should ever have to read about a god that disapproves of Jesus dying on the cross for our salvation, because that’s ultimately the most destructive lie that could ever be told.