Why You Should Read Christian Comic Books


By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®

 Since the early 1900s, comic books and graphic novels have engrossed young and old. The intriguing stories with colorful and imaginative artwork are no longer considered a children’s activity. The fun clean comics from the early years turned toward darker territory. 

While there are some good recent comics, many of them tend to have gritty, dark and salacious content and artwork.  Even comic book series like Batman and Superman show scantily clad women and over-the-top stylized violence that adds nothing to the actual story. For this reason, many Christians choose to ignore comic books altogether. 

Thankfully, this is no longer necessary, because of a company called Kingstone Comics. With intriguing stories from the Bible and engaging artwork, Kingstone Comics is all about equipping the next generation with a Biblical worldview.

One particular comic book about Joshua is especially inspiring. It follows the battles of the Israelites led by Joshua, and the faith that he had in God and His promises to His people. Pulled straight from Scripture, the story allows readers to engage the biblical epics in a compelling and memorable way. Kingstone’s wide variety of material also covers subjects and genres like apologetics, science fiction and even faith building stories of martyrs.

The comic book titled Martyrs tells several encouraging stories of heroes of the faith ranging from the execution of Stephen in Acts to Polycarp in 156 AD. Though, many of these stories will be too heavy and frightening for young readers, young adults will find them inspiring and educational; especially those who have an interest in art and storytelling.

With Christians once again entering the comic-book world, it’s good to remember the influence that these kinds of stories have created. The characters that have come from comic book companies such as Marvel and DC Comics contribute to a multi-billion dollar movie industry alone. Comic books create worldwide icons that can be remembered for decades. 

The question is: are the right icons being remembered? Though superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman sometimes teach valuable lessons and moral principles, the true heroes are actually very real. Heroes like Joshua, David and Paul and countless others, who lived and were willing to die for their faith. Those are the real superheroes. 

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