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Coach Deion Sanders Credits God for University of Colorado’s Success

Photo from Deion Sanders’ Instagram

Coach Deion Sanders Credits God for University of Colorado’s Success

By Movieguide® Contributor

Finding incredible success during his first season coaching at the University of Colorado, Deion Sanders has continuously pointed to God, praising him for his favor.

After finishing with only one win in 12 games last year, the University of Colorado’s football team needed a change. The team brought the largely untested Sanders on to take the helm.

Starting the season with a shocking win over Texas Christian University (TCU)—who played in the national championship last year—and going undefeated through the first three games of the season, Sander’s has drawn nationwide attention for turning the team around. Rather than take credit for this unprecedented feat, he has pointed to God.

“Thank you, Jesus. I’m so thankful right now,” Sanders said in a post-game interview after defeating TCU.

“This is a blessing,” he added, saying, “Everybody, Buff Nation who supported us and all the hood that had my back. I thank y’all. God is good.”

However, his praise for God goes beyond feeling blessed. He believes God called him to Colorado to turn the school’s football team around.

“God wouldn’t relocate me to something that was successful,” he said. “That don’t make sense, do it? He had to find the most disappointing and the most difficult task.”

Sanders’ belief in coaching as a calling has also helped him remain focused, as many doubted his coaching ability, particularly before the season started.

“I tried to tell you, but you ain’ wanna believe me because I’m just a lofty young coach,” Sanders said. “I don’t know nothing about football. I just played in the NFL for 14 [years], played at a high level in college for four and have been coaching youth all the way up for a long time.”

Sanders has been a committed Christian since 1997 when he found God after emptiness in his life led him to a suicide attempt.

“I don’t believe you can be at your optimum without your faith,” he told Andscape. “Sports is sports, it’s a game. My faith is everything. It’s the gas that propels, the courage, the truth, keeps me going. It’s the wind, it’s the wings, it’s the air that pumps into my lungs that provokes me to live. Faith is everything.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Colorado Buffaloes head football coach Deion Sanders stunned the college football world when his team beat former National Championship Runner-Up TCU 45-42. 

“First and foremost, Lord, I thank you for giving me strength and energy,” Sanders said in an interview following the game. 

“This is a blessing. Everybody—Buff Nation—who supported us and all the hood that had my back. I thank y’all. God, this is good,” he added. 

After he thanked God, Sanders addressed reporters who had doubted his methods. 

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