Demi Tebow Lost a Crown and Found Her Identity in Christ

Photo from Demi Tebow’s Instagram

Demi Tebow Lost a Crown and Found Her Identity in Christ

By Movieguide® Contributor

Demi Tebow recently sat down with Sadie Robertson Huff on the “Whoa That’s Good Podcast” to discuss the importance of finding your identity in Christ.

Tebow, former Miss Universe winner and wife of NFL star Tim Tebow, has firsthand experience with what it’s like to put your identity in temporary things.

“I think this message really comes from thinking that I knew who I was, but I totally rooted my identity in something that was absolutely temporary,” she explained. “The night I handed over my crown as Miss Universe to the very rightful next winner, I left that stage, got in the car rushed to the airport to catch my flight back to South Africa, and I realized I forgot something on that stage.”

“And it wasn’t just that beautiful pearly diamond crown, sparkly crown, but I realized later on…I had forgotten the most important thing [which] was my identity,” she described.

Tebow explained how the value that the crown gave her was only temporary, and once it was gone, she struggled with its absence.

“The value that I attached to that thing that I got to wear for a short period of time. You know, I think of like COVID, right? Like when all the planes were stranded and nobody got to fly anywhere, those big Boeings were pretty much worthless because…they weren’t being used. And the thing that gave me my value, the thing that people booked me for, the thing that people wanted to talk to me about, the thing that people wanted to invite me to be in the room for was now gone,” she explained.

“That stripped me of so much of what I thought my value was, and it left me in a season that really felt like a wasted season, but I later realized like it wasn’t a wasted season, it was a waiting season,” she said.

“I think it’s so good for you to, if you’re able to, strip those things away in some sense just to really find yourself in Christ,” Huff added.

Tebow recently released a book titled “A Crown That Lasts,” which focuses on finding your identity in Christ, not your accomplishments.

“My prayer is that God uses my experiences, stories and lessons – including the ones I’ve learned the hard way – to help you claim your true identity, become more confident in God and live out your unique purpose too!” Tebow said of her book on Instagram.

Movieguide® previously reported on Tebow:

Tim and Demi Tebow stopped by the Robertsons’ to share some marital advice with Bella Robertson and her fiance, Jacob Mayo.

“I want to just ask what their first year marriage has been like? Because I feel like you hear a lot of like horror stories like it was horrible, and then you also have some people were like, ‘No, the first year of marriage is the best!’” Bella asked.

“We would be in the second group,” Tim said. “Dating was fun. Engaged was awesome. Marriage has been so much better.”

The Tebows also encouraged Bella and Mayo to go through pre-marital counseling before opening up to Bella’s parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, about abstinence before marriage.

“To me, it was important and I wanted to honor my future husband, whoever that was before I even met him or knew who he was going to be,” Demi said.

“I think living on your convictions and standing firm is important when you believe in something to stand up for it,” Tim added.

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