Director of THE CHOSEN Discusses God’s Provision Ahead of Season 2

Photo from Dallas Jenkin’s Instagram

Director of THE CHOSEN Discusses God’s Provision Ahead of Season 2

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite the pandemic changing the landscape of entertainment and filmmaking in 2020, Dallas Jenkins and THE CHOSEN team announced Season 2.

Jenkins, who is the director of the crowd-funded series about the life of Jesus, recognized God’s miraculous provision while filming.  

“When the pandemic hit, we decided to make the show totally free for a few weeks, we thought this is just a nice goodwill gesture, we’ll make it free for a few weeks, it will lose money, probably because streaming costs money, and people all over the world will start streaming it. But it’s okay. It’s something we’re willing to do,” Jenkins recalled. “And the moment that we made it free, our income actually quadrupled, which is how God’s impossible math works.”

Season 1 grew a loyal fanbase, many of whom helped in a record-setting scene for an episode in Season 2. 

“We had given people the opportunity, starting a year ago, the chance to be an extra in the Sermon on the Mount,” Jenkins explained. “And when the pandemic hit, we started to wonder, ‘How are we going to get 2000 people onto the set?’ We figured out a way to test everyone. So all 2000 people before they set foot on the set had been tested not only before they flew to Texas, but the morning of the day, 2000 of our fans showed up that day and were dressed in first-century garb, most of which they had done for themselves because we couldn’t make 2000 pieces of wardrobe.”

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THE CHOSEN is full of biblically-based faith content about the life of Jesus. Jenkins revealed how Jesus is a common topic of discussion on set among the cast and crew—some of whom are not believers. 

“I’m very, very close with the cast. And we have deep conversations all the time. And by the very definition of the show, and the fact that we’re doing a show about the Gospels and that most of them are playing real people, of course, that opens up tons and tons of conversations about who Jesus was and what the Gospels say,” Jenkins continued. “And a lot of our cast and crew, you know, hadn’t had known a lot of this stuff. And so for sure, it’s opened up a lot of conversation.”

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Movieguide® previously reported on Season 1: 

THE CHOSEN is the largest crowd-funded project in Hollywood history, but that’s no accident–it was a provision from God.

“The more free, the more accessible, the more easy we made it for people to watch it, the more income came in for future episodes and seasons,” said creator Dallas Jenkins in a Facebook LIVE interview with NRB.

People have been so generous that Jenkins and his team are a year ahead of schedule in terms of funding for Season 2. Season 1 released in 2019.

“This is God’s impossible math,” Jenkins added. “It’s not my job to feed the 5,000, it’s my job to supply the loaves and fish.”

For his performance as Jesus in THE CHOSEN Season 1, Jonathan Roumie earned a Grace Prize® for Most Inspiring Television Performance.

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