DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil and Kay Robertson on How to ‘Fight for Your Marriage’

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DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil and Kay Robertson on How to ‘Fight for Your Marriage’

By Movieguide® Staff

Phil Robertson and his wife, Miss Kay, are candid about their marriage before the Robertson’s fame on their reality show, DUCK DYNASTY.

But a key to the couple’s long marriage was Christ and their individual relationships with God.

Recently, on I Am Second’s series DYSFUNCTION TO DYNASTY, Phil and Miss Kay shared more of their story and how they try to help other couples fight for their marriage.

“I tell the women now that I talk to all the time you’ve got to use your sense of humor, too. If you don’t have one, go to Walmart and get one because you can’t make a marriage work without a sense of humor, as far as we’re concerned,” Miss Kay laughed. “I mean, there are so many times when we started off and we’re getting mad and then I may say something funny and then Phil starts laughing. Well, you see, you’ve killed the mad, I mean, it’s just gone.”

She continued: “And we’ve done that so many times and we try to teach other people how to do that. Think about something: Is it that important to have a big knockdown drag-out? Or you can think of something funny and then everybody laughs and you’re all over it. We’ve done that years in a row.”

Phil, who came to Christ after his wife, noted the importance of setting an example for people in your life.

“Well, you live and learn,” Phil said. “You can’t try to convince people they need to behave if you and your woman are doing the very thing that you’re telling them they shouldn’t do.”

He continued: “Therefore, when you stand on the gospel, you stand up for Jesus, you tend to stand out among the world’s population so we don’t have any mischievous behavior going on down there around the Robertson household.”

Phil experienced actual change when he surrendered his life to Christ.

“Before I came to Jesus… ha!” Phil said. “So now, I have put in to practice love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. So once those things, the qualities, the fruit of the Spirit are seen, by your neighbors and the people you meet… when they see that, they’re like,’ let’s see, when they should be mad they’re not. When there could be war, there’s peace. If instead of out of control they exercise self-control.”

“And now I’m in my ’70s, I get it now. Love God, love your neighbor,” Phil added.

Part of Phil’s coming to Christ was through his wife’s patience and persistence to stay with Phil.

“I’m glad I had a lot of patience. My grandmother taught me that,” Miss Kay said.

“And she told me one thing that I’ll never forget: ‘You’re only going to marry one time and you don’t even pretend like you know about the word divorce, ’cause you’re with him. So you better choose wisely is what she told me,'” Miss Kay recalled. “And she said ‘because you’ll have to fight for your marriage,’ and I was like, ‘What would I have to fight for?'”

“She said because Satan is going to come after it just like he does everything. And she said, ‘But you have to fight, and you have to say to him no. I vowed to God to take him forever and I will,'” Miss Kay continued. “And that’s exactly what happened, and Satan did come in within a year of us being together he made his presence known.

“That 10 years he was a jerk, but now, he’s the most Godly man and he’s gentle. People don’t even know how good he is because he only shows me his best character, the real gentleness that he has.”

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