Emasculating the American Male: PC Police Hijack the Reboot of Chuck Norris’ Iconic 1990s Hero

Emasculating the American Male: The PC Police Hijack the Reboot of Chuck Norris’ Iconic 1990s Hero

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

As social critic Christine Hoffman Summers, author of THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, and others have noted, there’s been an attack on the traditional male character from radical leftists, including many radical feminists and many radical LGBT activists.

For example, about 56 or 57% of college entrants are now female, according to the U.S. Department of Education, which means that a majority of men are opting not to attend college. Also, as many as 20% of all boys in high school are taking pills for having “attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD), for merely being typical boys. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls (12.9% to 5.6%), according to the CDC, the U.S. Center for Disease Control. Finally, males are more likely to commit suicide, die of drug overdoses, die from violent crime, and become unemployed than females.

In recent years, leftists (and many so-called “moderates” [there really are no more “liberals” any more]) started complaining about “toxic masculinity.”

Last year, some of these yahoos started squawking about removing statues of John Wayne, the iconic male cowboy star of the Golden Age of Hollywood, including renaming John Wayne Airport in Southern California, south of Los Angeles.

Then, last week we saw the premiere of a reboot of the WALKER,TEXAS RANGER television series starring Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard, Jr., the computer expert in the original DIE HARD movie.

Titled WALKER, the series pilot showed Walker returning to his family and to the Texas Rangers office in Austin, Texas, from a 10-month undercover job after his wife’s murder.

Instead of Chuck Norris’ noble, masculine hero, the series gave viewers an angry and troubled man who’s lost touch with his two children and needs to be controlled. Instead of being a co-equal partner, the Clarence Gilyard character, James Trivette, is now Walker’s boss. Also, a major climax in the pilot episode entails a scene where Trivette angrily orders Walker to stop bending and breaking the rules.

What are those rules? To let criminal suspects bully Walker whenever they want, without Walker fighting back, especially in any physical way.

Welcome to Woke Policing, circa 2021.

To top it off, Trivette gives Walker a new partner, a rookie Texas Ranger who just happens to be a woke Mexican-American woman. Walker is supposed to be the senior officer, but throughout the episode, the woman angrily bosses Walker, in a clear display of feminist disrespect toward the opposite sex.

That’s telling the white chauvinist male!

Of course, as it turns out, instead of Walker having a girlfriend who’s an assistant district attorney, he now has a brother who’s an assistant district attorney, and the brother just happens to be gay with a boyfriend. The brother seems to be depicted as the more well “adjusted” male figure (probably because he’s more “woke” than Walker).

Finally, although the original series had several positive episodes promoting Christianity, one scene in the pilot episode has a bitter Walker complaining that Jesus never answers his prayers.

Thus, the PC Thought Police have taken over one of the most iconic, masculine TV series from the 1990s. If this is how the CW Network is going to present its WALKER reboot, why would fans of the Chuck Norris series, especially male fans and conservative fans, want to watch this travesty?

Leftists love to magnify the sins of the past so they can totally transform society into a new leftist Utopia, a Brave New World, a Leftist Tyranny, where everyone must be forced, bullied and intimidated (kicking and screaming) to fit into their own ignorant, narrow-minded, cruel, and deranged view of morality and society.

Contrary to this myopic leftist view of the past, however, American society’s traditional veneration of masculinity, unlike that of other cultures, was tempered (more often than not) by Christian compassion and humility. In fact, in many ways, masculine aggressiveness was softened by the man’s relationships with women, including his mother, his sister (if he had one), his daughter, and his girlfriend or wife.

This is exactly what happens in many John Wayne movies, where Wayne’s gruff masculine exterior was at least partly civilized by his encounters with maternal figures, other female relatives and potential love interests, from early movies like STAGECOACH, THEY WERE EXPENDABLE and ANGEL AND THE BAD MAN to later movies like RED RIVER, SANDS OF IWO JIMA, THE QUIET MAN, THE SEARCHERS, RIO BRAVO, MCLINTOCK!, and TRUE GRIT.

Norris followed in those footsteps in WALKER, TEXAS RANGER and other roles.

In his seminal work, RELIGION AND THE RISE OF WESTERN CULTURE, author Christopher Dawson shows how Christianity tempered the male pagan’s penchant for war, violence and lust with Christian spirituality and morality. Christianity didn’t completely do away with the evils that pagan, unsaved men do (there were still wars, slavery, pillaging, and rape, even among so-called Christians), but it lessened the brutality of these evils and pointed to a better way of life.

Thus, the goal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not simply to convert people into being milquetoast believers but to make a better society by pointing human beings to “a more abundant life” (John 10:10). As such, the goal is not to turn men into women, or women into men, much less to turn men into weak and wimpy vessels, but to ensure that both men and women can fulfill the potential that God has established for them, individually and collectively.

The Christian, biblical view of society is not to totally reverse it (God is still at work, even in non-Christian societies), but to redeem and reform it in a manner that’s God-centered rather than man-centered. The process of total redemption and reformation is never complete, though some parts of it may be, but consists of a gradual, ongoing process of small, medium and large changes.

I am not opposed, therefore, to a Christian reformation of American masculinity, but I am opposed to a leftist transformation (a radical feminist or an LGBT reformation) of it.

Leftists in our culture who express a thorough hatred of American masculinity, and a total destruction of it, should be rejected. Especially when they want to destroy or overturn biblical pronouncements about the complementary differences between men and women, and to destroy and overturn God’s commands for men and women to work together, as Christian husband and Christian wife, as Christian brother and Christian sister, as Christian parent and Christian child, rather than separately.

Hollywood should not emasculate or totally change traditional American masculinity, but, where necessary, redeem and reform it. Not according to some godless, anti-biblical, immoral leftist dogma but with Christian, biblical, divine Truth, Goodness, Justice, and Beauty.

Classic Hollywood, heroic depictions of American masculinity, like those of John Wayne, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, and Chuck Norris should not be unjustly slandered or dismissed, but celebrated and honored, with a clear, open, honest, and godly eye, mind and heart.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, flawed giants to be sure, but giants nonetheless.

Hopefully, future episodes of WALKER will see less of an influence of the PC Thought Police and more of a Pro-American, Pro-Christian, biblical influence.

Don’t count on it, however.