An Entrepreneur for God: Behind the Scenes of UNLIMITED

By Evy Baehr, Associate Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®

El Paso holds the set of the upcoming film, UNLIMITED. True to the environment in which the movie is supposed to take place, El Paso reminds many a visitor of Mexico. UNLIMITED’s main portion is to be set in Mexico in an orphanage run by a successful entrepreneur for God, Harold Finch.

In the story, a young student from MIT, Simon, has just arrived at the orphanage in order to uncover the key to unlimited energy, the same key that his MIT professor, Querez, was searching for until he was murdered in his homeland of Mexico. Determined to figure out how to achieve unlimited energy, Simon works hard to find the solution. Harold reveals to Simon that he once was a NASA scientist who developed a crucial key to get up in space. Suddenly realizing Harold’s value, Simon and Harold work together on the crucial project. All the while, Harold is telling Simon about his Faith in God.

The good news about UNLIMITED is its message that, with God, there’s unlimited power! Someone who truly tells that truth is Harold Finch, who is not just a character in a movie! Coming to El Paso, I was able to meet Harold and discover just what makes him so successful:  his faith in God. Harold went from being a NASA scientist, to caring for an orphanage, to teaching and consulting Fortune 500 companies how to be so successful, all the while telling them about the key to eternal life – Jesus Christ.

Harold holds seminars for thousands and in the end many come to Christ after realizing their Unlimited Success is through Jesus. The hopes for the movie is to do just that – tell every one of God’s unlimited power and goodness.

With curriculum, Bible Studies, and reaching out to college students, the makers of UNLIMITED are trying to create a movement, not just a movie, to allow people to realize how they can find success in Jesus.

The creators of UNLIMITED hope to release their movie next year. Watch MOVIEGUIDE® for more information regarding its progress!

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