Erin Krakow Reveals New WHEN CALLS THE HEART Season 11 Details

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Erin Krakow Reveals New WHEN CALLS THE HEART Season 11 Details

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Erin Krakow is sharing her thoughts on WHEN CALLS THE HEART’s latest season finale and giving fans some hints about what’s to come in Season 11.

Warning: Season 10 spoilers ahead! 

Season 10 of WHEN CALLS THE HEART ended with Elizabeth Thornton (Krakow) breaking off her engagement to Lucas (Chris McNally). The finale saw Lucas, the newly-elected governor, approached by a stranger. As Elizabeth and Nathan (Kevin McGarry) were about to get closer, they’re called to help Lucas.

“I think it’s a really good, authentic, challenging, emotional story,” Krakow said of the end of Elizabeth and Lucas’ relationship. “And it may be tough on some of our fans, but what I really appreciate about it is it’s a story of two people who still have a very deep love for one another.”

She continued, “I think that they were just being true to what was in their hearts, and you can’t argue with that. They are being true to their authentic self, so, I mean, I think it was the right move.”

While Lucas ended the season in danger, Krakow promised, “We’re not gonna lose Chris McNally. I mean, he’s fantastic. I can’t imagine that. Our show just grew and changed when we brought in Kevin and Chris.”

Showrunner and executive producer Lindsay Sturman echoed Krakow’s comments, saying, “We can assure everyone that Lucas is back for Season 11. He’s a huge part of Hope Valley and always will be. But there’s definitely a cliffhanger and a few mysteries packed in there, and it will all be revealed next season.” 

Krakow also gave fans a few hints about what they can expect from Season 11. 

“I can say that the good news is that those questions will be answered,” she said of fans’ worries about Lucas’ fate. “And pretty much right away, so we’re not gonna have to wait too long in season 11 to get those answers.”

She added, “The Nathan and Elizabeth journey may be a bit slower, but we will be dropping hints as much as we can.”

Production on Season 11 has already begun, with Parade reporting, “The show headed back into production before the Season 10 premiere and continued on despite the Hollywood strikes via a waiver.”

Movieguide® previously reported on what Season 11 will hold for Lucas:

As WHEN CALLS THE HEART season 10 draws to a close, fans have anxiously wondered what the future holds for Hope Valley and for Chris McNally’s character Lucas. 

In an interview, showrunner Lindsay Sturman revealed that Lucas will return in season 11.

“Lucas is one of our leads and he always will be and he’s an incredible actor,” Sturman said. “His journey is incredibly exciting in season 11. And I think that…we get to see a side of him that we didn’t know…We went back and kind of mined what did we know about him, and then…carry those stories through because…there’s so much richness to the stories that we inherited. And then just growing them from there.” 

While Lucas and Elizabeth’s (Erin Krakow) paths “were diverging,” his story will move in a new direction.

“I’m excited for…the direction that Lucas is going in,” McNally said. “And I think that it is a different avenue of storytelling or different stories that can come in for Hope Valley. It’s a town that is alive and it has a pulse and things shift and change and evolve, and I think it’s great. I’m very optimistic about it.”

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