‘Extremely Engaged’: Homeschooling Doubles Over the Last Year

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‘Extremely Engaged’: Homeschooling Doubles Over the Last Year

By Movieguide® Staff

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shut down across the country, parents scrambled to educate their children through other forms of schooling like online or even homeschooling.  

Yvonne Bunn, director of homeschool support and government affairs with Home Educators Association of Virginia, said that data showed a definitive uptick in parents looking to homeschool. 

“These parents have been extremely engaged,” Bunn told CBN. “They’re coming to webinars and seminars. They call with questions about how to start homeschooling, how to comply with the law, and where to get the curriculum.

“In Virginia alone, we have seen over a 48 percent increase in homeschoolers for the last school year. We went from 44,000 to 65,000 homeschoolers,” she continued. “Lots of parents have done this and say their child has done so much better or they’re not being bullied.” 

Bunn noted that parents also expressed their frustration with public school systems and said that homeschooling offered them the freedom to teach their children their values. 

“I do think a lot of parents are going to continue homeschool. They’re not happy with what’s going on,” she explained. “Parents are wanting to move in the direction of doing something else … even the parents who work. We’ve been amazed by the number who want to continue to work from home so they can continue to teach their children.”

Bunn also said that homeschooling offered parents an alternative to an online school that the public and private school systems adopted during the pandemic. 

A U.S. Census Bureau report backed Bunn’s claims and stated that homeschooling doubled during 2020. In just six months, the total percentage of homeschooled children jumped from 5.4 percent to 11 percent. The report also noted a steep increase in the number of Black families choosing to homeschool their children. 

The big draw to homeschooling is parents’ security in knowing what their children are learning and how they are learning it.  

Actress Sam Sorbo, the wife of Kevin Sorbo, is adamant about home education. 

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Sorbo not only taught her children from home but also wrote two books relating to homeschooling and parenting called They’re Your Kids and Teach From Love. Sorbo is passionate about raising children with biblical values that honor God and prepare children with a strong foundation before entering a world that despises God. She also points out public schools’ failure to uphold those morals.  

“The thing that people have to realize is there’s homeschooling, and there’s home education,” Sorbo told The Christian Post. “Homeschooling is best described as doing homework with your child that he or she is assigned by a school teacher. Home education is parent-led learning. The goal of a home educator is to instill and cultivate a love for learning that will last a lifetime.”

“Another reason I think homeschooling is imperative is because of morals and values,” Sorbo said. “We have ceased to teach those things in public schools. We teach the very opposite: Evolution and survival of the fittest. It means that our children are accidents of nature and there is no good higher than the personal good. That necessarily devolves into bullying, and people wonder why we have a bullying problem! It’s all we teach!”

“We need to be teaching children that there is good and evil, right and wrong, and that they should aspire to things outside themselves,” Sorbo said.