Faith and Family of A WALTONS THANKSGIVING’s Encouraged Logan Shroyer to Join

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Faith and Family of A WALTONS THANKSGIVING’s Encouraged Logan Shroyer to Join

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Logan Shroyer recently returned to his role of John Boy in A WALTONS THANKSGIVING and said that he hopes the movie encourages family to spend time together this holiday season.

“I hope that people use it as an opportunity to get their families together,” Shroyer told Movieguide®. “The hope for me is that people do literally get around with their family to spend time with them more, but that just in general the story of The Waltons inspires them to do that more than just when they watch the movie.”

Shroyer, who also starred in THE WALTONS: HOMECOMING and hit TV show THIS IS US, said that faith and family initially drew him to work on the project.

“I would say one of the biggest things for me is that there’s a strong faith component,” he told Movieguide®. “[It] includes God, puts God forward, has moral lessons and isn’t isn’t trying to be preachy but it incorporates God into the world of the characters and I find that to be a really big blessing because it’s kind of rare nowadays.”

John Boy is a pretty interesting character, he’s got a lot on his plate,” Shroyer continued. “I’ve had so much fun on THIS IS US working with material that circles around a family and it’s the same thing for THE WALTONS because it’s all about your relationship to the family and like there’s just so much joy there.”

Shroyer said that he specifically chooses shows and movies that celebrate uplifting and moral themes rather than negative ones.

“I personally don’t want to be a part of something that glorifies negative messaging really strongly,” he explained. “I’m always looking out for that when I’m working on a project and this is quite literally the opposite. It’s all about family lessons.”

“What’s really great about The Waltons I feel is it’s very poignant to show things that we take for granted nowadays which is alone time with your family, not being on your phone and connecting with people… when you take it for granted your life starts to fall apart.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of THE WALTONS THANKSGIVING reads:

​​A WALTONS THANKSGIVING takes place in 1934 during the worst year of the Great Depression. John Walton Sr. has decided to take up farming instead of working far away from his family. The harvest was poor but sufficient. John Boy, the oldest Walton child, thinks about his writing and often fails to take responsibility for his many family obligations. The family goes to the annual Harvest Festival Fair. Three of the Walton children enter the talent contest while the Olivia Walton judges a pie contest. John Boy is asked to watch after young Elizabeth. However, distracted with two girls he’s interested in, Elizabeth runs off, chasing a rabbit, and gets lost in the woods. Everyone desperately tries to find her.

A WALTONS THANKSGIVING is another wonderful program. A very kind, gentle and homey manner permeates the entire movie. There’s always sufficient jeopardy that propels the story and keeps it exciting. This time, Olivia Walton has the strongest role. Best of all, faith and family underlie every scene, with prayer and family love taking the lead. A WALTONS THANKSGIVING is a delightful Thanksgiving treat.

“It’s just so easy to be disconnected from the people in your life, not even just your family, so I hope people at least get that from it, to kind of slow down and spend some more time with the people they love,” he said.

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