Fast and Furious Star Proclaims His Faith on Social Media


Fast and Furious Star Proclaims His Faith on Social Media

By Moriah Dee, Contributing Writer

Social media today is overrun with celebrities who seem to care for nothing more than their heightened fame. Instagram is overrun with selfies of Kylie Jenner and pictures of expensive food and clothing, and Twitter is overrun by celebrities feuding and complaining. Sometimes in the midst of all this negative chaos, a few stars shine through with their positivity and inspiration. Tyrese Gibson, known to most as just Tyrese, is one of these stars. The R&B singer turned big screen star is known for his roles in movies like BABY BOY and the FAST AND THE FURIOUS series, but these aren’t the only things the star wants to identify her. It’s clear from his many tweets and Instagram posts that Tyrese has a message to send.

“I hope before I’m dead and gone father God I have made YOU proud…. YOU know my HEART…. I don’t seek or care for press and PR or unwanted attention…. But, I refuse to be ANOTHER PERSON who you’ve decided to give a God given STAGE [and] influence, and I [sit] mute and don’t USE that same influence to try and effect change…. I’m aware that people will continue to sit at home and complain privately and don’t SPEAK their HEART…. You have only brought so many of us to this earth to effect CHANGE!!! People that are not afraid to SPEAK on what’s really going on…. Use me up father God likely I won’t be known for what I’m financially worth or what car I drove…. Use me up to impact and effect lives while I’m ON THIS EARTH!!! Father God YOU are the alpha and the omega. The beginning and end to GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! Amen!!!!”

Tyrese is spreading his message all over social media and not shying away from any subject just because of backlash. In one of his most recent Instagram posts, he spoke about how he worships God every time he steps on stage to perform.

“Every show while I’m singing I’m praying, when I lift my hands I am thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for the God given stage of influence he has given me…. I fear no man…. I walk IN my truth and IN my life’s purpose everyday…. I am clear that God is my SOURCE, and people and things are just resources…. God IS my source…. And, I want for nothing cause I have it ALL cause I have Jesus…. #Amen”

Not only is Tyrese proclaiming his faith for everyone to see, he is also trying his hardest to be a godly example of what a good father should be. His social media is filled with sweet pictures of his precious daughter, who he parents on his own. Many of his video posts are encouraging men to stand up as fathers and to protect the future of their children.

“I am more than just a man. I am a father. A boy is excited about the opportunity to be a dad. A father is more focused on the “Responsibility” of being a father. As a father, it is a responsibility to create the standards in our kids’ lives.”

“I am more than I appear to be, I am more than just a man. I….AM….FATHER!! Fathers…. Even though it seems like your effort is sometimes overlooked, God is watching and he knows your heart. To all of the REAL FATHERS around the world. Through good, bad or ugly relationships with the mother…. If you are NOT there for your kids, it is ONLY the kids that suffer in the end. Take a stand and do any means necessary to be a part of your kids’ lives.

God knows your heart…. God bless all FATHERS around the WORLD!!!!”

Hollywood needs more stars like Tyrese. More stars that are willing to stand up for their faith and encourage people everywhere to stand up for faith and values. He’s not ashamed of who he serves, and he’s not afraid to speak about Jesus to the world. These are the kind of stars that deserve their platform. These are the kinds of stars who need support.

“My name is Tyrese “Vision Implementer” Gibson and when you are a man of substance with a mission on your mind you have to step out of your nest and comforts of being home…. Be willing to walk into unfamiliar territories to accomplish your vision, dreams and goals…. Of course I don’t have to explain anything…. I’m aware…. But just know…. For those of you who don’t know…. To God be the glory for ALL the things that he continue to do…. I wanna remind you that “This is the SEASON for GOOD PEOPLE with good intentions towards others to win…..”


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