Former Olympian Shawn Johnson East Celebrates Growing Family

Photo from ShawnJohnsonEast’s Instagram

Former Olympian Shawn Johnson East Celebrates Growing Family

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Former Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East are pregnant with their third child.  

The couple has opted out of knowing the gender ahead of time.  

Johnson told TODAY.com, “We found out the sex ahead of time with Jett, but not with Drew. There was something so special about Andrew finding out first and sharing it with me and then going into the waiting room to announce the news to our families. That memory is etched in my mind.” 

“I’m excited for him to have that moment again,” she added.  

Johnson plans to have a C-section in December, and she confirmed that this is her last pregnancy. However, she also confirmed the possibility of her family still growing.  

 “I told Andrew we could talk about adoption,” she said. “We can talk about having babies in other ways after this, but I am done with pregnancy.” 

In addition, there were rumors that Johnson was going to have more than one baby.  

“I wanted to squash this before I read any more comments,” the athlete shared in a video posted on Instagram. “I’m 4-foot-11. My torso is like four inches tall. My husband is almost 6-foot-3, and my kids are almost 10 pounds when I have them. I carry big babies. This is my third. I’m showing earlier.”  

Johnson then joked that even with having two toddlers she sometimes forgets she pregnant.  

“Andrew is always reminding me to go get a massage or get some sleep. He wants to take the kids places so I can rest. He’s the best,” she expressed with love. “He’s like, ‘I will support you in anything you want, just tell me what you need.’” 

Johnson and East currently have two children, Drew (3) and Jett (2) who both weighed more than nine pounds at birth.  

Shawn Johnson is an American retired artistic gymnast, author, and public speaker. She was born on January 19, 1992, in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Shawn Johnson gained widespread recognition and fame as a gymnast during her competitive career. 

Beyond her achievements, Shawn Johnson is known for her positive attitude, dedication, and sportsmanship, which have made her an influential role model for many aspiring gymnasts and athletes. 

Movieguide® recently reported 

“Swipe for a surprise,” Johnson posted on Instagram, along with a photo of her baby bump.  

She and East spoke further about the pregnancy during an episode of their COUPLE THINGS podcast.  

“We definitely waited a lot longer to tell you guys and, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little bittersweet,” Johnson said. “I’ve kind of loved having it to be ours. … This has been so fun to have between us.” 

The couple joked that they had to reveal their baby news, though, because they were running out of ways to hide Johnson’s baby bump.  

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