Gabby Douglas Ends 2024 Olympic Run Due to Injury

Photo from Gabby Douglas’ Instagram

Gabby Douglas Ends 2024 Olympic Run Due to Injury

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former gold medal Olympian Gabby Douglas set her sights on Paris 2024, but an unfortunate ankle injury will keep her from the games.

Even though the injury will keep her from becoming the oldest “American woman to compete in gymnastics at the Olympics since 1952,” Douglas is still proud of her efforts.

“I love this sport and I love pushing my limits,” she told ESPN. “I hope I can inspire both my peers and the next generation of gymnasts that age is just a number, and you can accomplish anything you work hard for.”

“I proved to myself and to the sport that my skills remain at an elite level,” she said, adding, “My plan is to continue to train for the L.A. 2028 Olympics. It would be such an honor to represent the U.S. at a home Olympics.”

Movieguide® reported on Douglas’s comeback:

“Hey guys long time no post,” Douglas wrote. “As you all know I stepped back from the socials and in that time I did a lot of journaling, reflecting, soul search and found myself back where it all began.

“It’s so easy to suppress and run away from facing darkness and fears,” she continued. “For many years, I’ve had an ache in my heart but I didn’t want to keep carrying anger, pain, sadness, or regret and through my tears and hurt, I’ve found peace.

“I wanted to find the joy again for the sport that I absolutely love doing,” she explained. “I know I have a huge taks ahead of me and I am beyond grateful and excited to get back out on the floor and even more grateful for all of you support and love.

“It truly means so much to me,” she added. “There’s so much to be said but for now… let’s do this.”

“I spoke to her today,” said Chellsie Memmel, USA Gymnastics’ women’s program technical lead. “We had a really good talk. I was like, ‘I know how you’re feeling.’ When you come back as an older athlete, things feel a lot different in competition.”

“I’m bummed for her, but her body is her top priority and that’s smart,” Memmel added.

Douglas has not said anything about her situation on social media, but many of her fans have commented on her latest post to offer encouragement.

“I hope you know we’re all just happy you’re back in the sport and that none of us think less of you for having a bad day. Coming back after such a long time off is so brave and admirable,” one person wrote.

“Just to see you in the competition circuit, doing the sport you love, is so amazing and inspiring! In my mind, I think you are so lucky to still be doing the sport you made history in! To see you comeback, is to reaffirm to people like me, that sport is beyond only medals; it is also a place and space of artwork – where people roar their loudest selves, how lucky of us to witness that through your life! Get it girl! Have a blast, you’ve already done more than enough to just soak it all in – in case if we measure… and we are just watching you do your art! Have fun,” another fan commented.

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